Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

We hope your 2010 was as memorable as ours.

From us to you...We wish you a very Happy New Year!

Bogart...Claire...and Hezekiah?  or maybe Shadrach?  Or Cornicopia?  Or maybe it should be Princess Leah.  Just say'n.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pretty? Yes. Sucky? Yes.

I don't know if I will ever get used to this pretty sight.

Yes, I like looking at it.  It is pretty.  It is cool.  It is my back-yard covered with the first snow.

Yes, I wish it was just a scene I was visiting for a ski trip or a weekend away...not living in it every single day!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Won, I Won...I am a Winner!

I have been a Nebraska fan since I was a kid...I blame owe it to Gramps.  Having spent summers in Nebraska growing up and wanting to be just like him, I just went all in for Big Red.

So when they played Mizzou this year I had to make a little wager...or two.

Remember, I live in Missouri.  I have two Mizzou fans that work for me.  We had to have a bet.

So the bet...well, why don't you have a look what I won.

Yup...they both have this sticker on their car until the end of the National Championship game.  How sweet is that!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you.

Claire and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

We are celebrating with our family in Atlanta with some soon to be new family...see, my little sister Jessica is getting married tomorrow.  How cool is it that I get to do the wedding?!!

So, for today, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


So Claire and I went shopping the other day.  Found some GREAT parking!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Growling and Missing

I know, I know...I am late.  I know, I know...I owe you some pictures and stuff...but that means I have to clean the house and snap a picture or they are coming, but just not yet.

I think I was growled at today. 

No really...growled at.

I walked into the lunch room to fill my water bottle.  As I came around the corner, a lady was on the phone, looked at me and growled. 

I am not sure what it was.  But I heard it again as I left.  No seriously, she growled. 

Really?  Really?  Did you just growl at me?  Yes, I think she did!


I miss blogging.  I do.  It is doubly worse b/c I told Claire that I would do it more often for her birthday...but then I go a month without it.

I like getting on here and writing.  I like popping over and checking out my online/real life friend Poop.  I like catching up on the Maiden and getting my cooking tips from Bouillie.  I also miss arguing with my old friend BSing.

So why am I not doing it?  Well, working 10-15 hour days has something to do with it, but that really only started in November. 

I think the biggest thing is I just don't feel like writing when I get home and I have a tough time remembering the things I want to write about during the day. 

I really need to work on this. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The House Before

Claire and I finally have the house settled and ready for prime time...well mostly.  We still have some landscaping to do, would like to redo the kitchen and spruce up the floors, but we figure it is probably time to share some before and after shots...

Today, before...and no, none of the furniture is ours...also, every wall, ceiling and exposed wood in the house (Except for kitchen and basement) has been painted...

Back Deck, just off the kitchen...

When that day comes, this is probably what this room will look like.

Dining room

Front Entry, stairs and C's Office

I guess you would call this the Hearth Room and Breakfast Nook


Living Room

Front 1/2 of basement

Back Half of Basement

Storage room in basement

Master Bath..notice the rough wallpaper

Master Bedroom

C's Office

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So I was watching "Dancing with the Stars" and...


Yea, I can't believe I said that either...Claire's parents and granddaddy are in KC with us for Thanksgiving and it was on my TV.  I enjoyed being with the fam!


Loving the full all day feeling today.  Turkey and corn grits rock!!


Claire made a really good pumpkin cream cheese pie.  Wowza!

Had a nice cigar with granddaddy.

Life is good.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Call for Hungry Men

I was reminded last week why I hate strongly dislike US Air.

I have flown on eight different flights with them this year (two round trips) and all eight have been at least 15 minutes late.

That of course means I have to do an OJ Simpson through the airport.  It also meant that twice last week I had to hear "Final Boarding Call for Mr. Bogart.  Mr. Bogart, please board your plane at gate *** or your seat will be forfeit."

Did I mention my employer had spent $1300 on a round trip ticket to Toronto and I had to pay another $10 when I checked in so I could avoid the last row window?


My favorite part of the trip to Toronto?  Well, probably getting to my hotel at 10:45pm and finding the kitchen closed.  You see, since my connecting flight was late, I did not have a chance to eat at the airport.  Since my flight into Toronto was late, I was unable to get to the hotel in time to get dinner from the kitchen.  So, what did that mean for my dietary choices???  Well, I got to experience something that I had not had since college...


Ah yea baby...Barbecue Surprise for Bogart.  Booya.  Take that GI Track.

Despite the non-glorious parts of business travel, I do miss getting on the road once in a while though. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peeing into the Wind

Guys, what is the very first rule of life that your dad's taught you? are right, suck it in when a pretty girl walks by...but what is the second rule that you were taught?

That's right, don't pee into the wind...followed closely by rule number two three...don't spit into the wind.

I realized today a rule I should have been taught, but due to being San Diego, I never was shown properly.

Rule number....uh, four...don't attempt to rake leaves in the wind.

Yes, a job that should have taken me 20 mins, lasted a little over an hour and it still looks crappy.

And getting worse because the leaves keep falling in the wind.

Yea, some Rhodes Scholar I am.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you? Do you? Then you are!

Spent 5 days in Vegas last week for a conference and some College Football.

Spent the last 24-hours in Toronto, Canada for a 45-minute work meeting.

And that brings my travel for 2010 mostly to a close.  I have one more trip to Atlanta coming up at Christmas, but that is all about family and fun...A wedding specifically.

And then in May I have another Wedding...

That follows on the heals of the two weddings (1 in New Orleans and 1 in VA) that I performed in October.

You can just call me the Minister for Hire...not quite as cool as Gun for Hire, but it is the best I can do.

Monday, October 18, 2010

No really, I can do weddings in other States...oh wait, you are the Commonwealth.

So I went before the judge and he grilled me...full and total third degree. (Part 1 Here)

Bogart, please step forward.

So it says here you want to perform marriages in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Why? 
Why would your friends want you to marry them?
Why would you fly from Missouri all the way to Virginia just to perform a wedding?
How did you meet the couple?  What was your connection to Virginia Beach that made you move here and meet them?  Why can't they find someone local to perform the ceremony?
What makes you think you should be allowed to marry people in the Commonwealth?
Have you performed weddings before?

And my personal favorite question that the judge asked me in the 20 minutes of grilling...

Are you in the military?  Why not?


Yes, those were all very real questions that were asked by a very real judge.  No, it was not a joke, but I did look around, wondering if I was on some sort of hidden camera show.

Even the bailiff was shrugging his shoulders and mouthing "I DON'T KNOW" when I looked to him for moral support.

But wait...there's more...


After 20 minutes of grilling 2 different law books and very awkward pauses the judge set forth his ruling...

"Mr. Bogart, it is clear that you are not qualified to perform marriage ceremonies in the Commonwealth of Virginia...however, I will allow you to perform one marriage for one day only.  Now go downstairs and they will swear you in."

So, I got sworn "Defend the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia" and to perform the wedding duties to the best of my ability, so help me God...



See if I ever go back to perform a wedding ceremony in that non-state.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hope the Judge Likes My Suit

"Hi, I am here in Virginia to perform a marriage ceremony.  I am licensed in the state of California as a Baptist Minister and I need to know what form I need to fill out so my license is recognized here."

That is how my morning started at the Clerk of the Court office in Virginia Beach.  3 1/2 hours and 5 people later, including the Chief Deputy Clerk and I am scheduled to stand before a judge today.  What this judge is looking for, I am not really sure, but I have had to call the church in San Diego and have them fax any and all paperwork that exists regarding my Pastoral License.

In Louisiana, all I had to do was walk in, show them my letter, sign a book and I was good to go.  Yup, I can marry and bury people in Louisiana. 

Virginia, however, takes this stuff extremely seriously.  I have to go to a courtroom and have a judge review my documents, talk to me a bit (I have no clue what he/she will ask) and decide if I am worthy to sign a marriage license in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Lucky day!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey Claire...SURPRISE

Well Baby...What do you think?


Now you can see why my back is a little sore...600lbs of dirt and 37 bags of mulch (74 Cubic Feet).

Okay, it is a lot sore.

Love you!


And to let everyone else in on the action...Claire half-way through her 24-day away, I have taken some of that time to do some projects.  The front yard is just the first.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Industrial Length Slip-n-Slide

So, as I have lamented before, I have a rather large yard. 

One of the big benni's of that is that I have a lot of room to be creative. 

For example, one weekend in August, we decided to put up a Slip-n-slide...a 150-foot slip-n-slide.

It was so very cool.

We pulled out 3 hoses and a power washer.  We even had a gallon of dish soap to help with the slipping.

It was a blast!

Even if my brother lost his wedding ring, never to be found again!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Depressed because it is so good

Belt holes are funny things.

They can bring you a sense of pride.  Especially when you are two or three belt holes smaller than you used to be.  Sorta like what Poop is experiencing.

They can also be a source of uncomfortable-ness.  As in when you put on a belt that you have had a while and the grooves that hold the clasp are now visible because you can't, quite, comfortably stretch to where it "should" go.  Sorta like what I am experiencing.

After a summer full of BBQ and other assorted mid-west eating, my belt loops are not quite where they should be.  Sure, it does not help that instead of working out, I have been sitting in the office, hanging on the porch with neighbors and lifting ribs to my mouth.

Might need to work on that...not much more room to go before I have to buy a new belt...and if I get past that point, I will need new pants. 

Sobering...but man it was a great summer!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RIP O'l Jimmy

We had a death in the family.  It has been hard. 

While it was not a complete shock, somethings were just meant to live a short time, it was still jarring.

31 is such a young age...but if done right, the 31 can be very, very rewarding.

Everyday that we were together was wonderful. 

Strength and flavor...those would be the words that I would use to describe him.

31 months for a coffee pot is just too short a life.


I bought o'l Jimmy the Coffee Pot when I moved to VA.  The day after Thanksgiving 2007. 

He was on a center cap at Walmart.  A Black Friday Special.  Four bucks.

Yes, I bought Jimmy for $4. 

And he brought me 31 months of flavor...robust, full bodied flavor.  He brought me strength...the kind you can only find with a good Kenyan or Cuban cup.  Not the steroid induced, Turkish style.

He was Mr. Reliable...for only $4.


We went through our Dunkin Doughnuts only lasted one bag and I am ashamed.  Sorta like the Flock of Seagulls faze so many of my friends went through.

We went through our "Last Resort" know, where you wake up and are out of coffee, but you really want something so you use the hotel coffee from last December.

We went through the expensive, Craft Kenyan time.  Wow that was a lot of fun and we both loved it, but like driving a BMW, it is fun while you do it, but then you realize that it costs way more than things should.

And when he died, we were in the midst of a Cuban Love Affair.  Ahhhh, the supple flavor, the smokey finish, the tan body...Yes, I am talking about coffee.


I will miss O'l Jimmy...yes, he has already been replaced with a fancier model.  This one even has a timer so I wake up to the best smell when waking up.

So, maybe I won't miss him, but I am sure there will be times, the quiet times, where O'l Jimmy sneaks back into my thoughts.  When I see a plain white coffee maker or when I drink coffee at a diner.

Until then, Rest In Peace dear Jimmy.  Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Einstein Could Not Spell Either

A door opens and an 8 year old Nicholas yells out "Dad, how do you spell fighting?"

"F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G" came the quick reply.

A door slams and off Nicholas runs to write whatever it was that he was creating.


It was never that easy for me.

"How do you spell..." questions were answered with a quick "You know where the dictionary is."

I stopped asking and started guessing.  I am not sure that was the parenting technique that I will emulate because to this day, I can't spell very well...but I am a frigg'n wiz with the dictionary!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Land Barron

Owning a yard is work...

When we moved to KC, I wanted to be a Land Barron.  No small back-yard was going to do it for me. 

No sir.  I needed land.  Big tracks of land for frolicking and rolling.  A huge expanse where I can stand at my door and say in my loud, booming, radio announcer voice:



Now, I own my little plot of land...3/4ths of an acre actually. 

It is big, but not quite as big as I imagined.

But, I got to say...when I stand at my door, usually it is a whimper coming out of my mouth...

"All that I see needs, mowing and weeding and trimming and watering and fertilizing and picking and cutting and piling and, well, work."

Gone is the booming voice.  Gone is the desire to own large swaths of land.  Gone is the proud thought of being a Land Barron.

And all that took its place is work.


Is it bad that in some way I miss the apartment living?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bogart is the Prophet

We were playing cards the other night with some neighbors.  Their twelve year old son was hanging out with us.

We were all discussing music, girls and Costco. 

Since we have moved in, we have converted our neighbors into Costco people.  They bought into our incessent talk about the "Happiest Place on Earth" and how wonderful it is there.

The son has decided that he also loves it there and during our conversation he said:

"I feel like Costco is becoming my religion and Bogart is my prophet."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tax on the Stupid

I don't like the lotto.  I think it is a tax on the Mathematically Stupid.  I think it disproportionally punishes the uneducated and poor.  It is nothing more than state sanctioned gambling hiding behind the idea that it is "for the kids".

Yet, every week I put $1 into a pool with 3 other Directors at work and play the Powerball.

Why?  That is a good question.  I am sure we are not going to win.  I know that we are lucky to match one number, let alone all 6. 

And yet I can't be left out.  Like those stupid commercials say, "You Never Know". 

What happens if...well, I would be left at my company, the only senior guy, left to run the 3 businesses that the others left behind.  I have enough work to do without having to be the guy picking up the pieces behind those that would do doughnuts in the parking lot after striking it rich.

Why do I play?  Well, because it is fun to spend 5 minutes each week talking about what would be different if we won.  How Rich would pull his car into the driveway outside of Jim's office, throw his office keys and badge through the window attached to a brick, yell something like "Its been a great ride!!" and then burnout all the way from the building to the street.  Or how TB would just call in and say "Good Luck everyone!"  Or even the Goldman...he says he would just quietly not show up.  It is fun to talk about those things.

Why do I play?  Because it is pretty funny to watch the people that work for us spend 10-mins each week trying to figure out why their bosses keep handing $1 bills to each other.  One of them figured it out and then asked what would happen if the four of us won.  "There would be some career opportunities for many of you." we responded...her face went ghostly white.  It was so cool!

The lotto is a stupid waste of money.  I am just handing money to the gas station and getting nothing in return.  It is a tax on the stupid. 

And yet, all four of us high-fived when we won $4 this week.  FOUR BUCKS!!!

Yes, I am a lotto winner.

And I already tossed my buck in for next week.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't Call Me Lady

Disturbed and rough...

Gifted and brilliant...


Sometimes, the concert is good, but the encore better.  That was the case last night.

Every one of the hits, plus a couple more from the upcoming album...including a ballad about a strapping young lad from Nebraska.


Beautiful and stunning...

Bloody and rough...


Totally stoked that an artist would mention Jesus in a positive way, but was feeling like there were parts that were offensive.  Yes, Jesus loves everyone, even "uglies and gays"...but somehow it was framed in a way that was not quite comfortable.


Troubling and confusing...

Enjoyable and entertaining...


Lady Gaga puts on a great show...yes, it is disturbing and we sat dumbfounded a few times, but that girl is gifted.  She is someone who has a clear sense of who her "Character" is and makes no apologies about it.  I guess I can respect it...well, I can at least enjoy rocking out to the music!

Would I pay to go see her again?, probably...well, depends on how much. 

Will I buy her new album?  No doubt.

Am I going to listen to Fame Monster for the 4th time in 2 days?  You can count on it.


And I would be remiss if I did not mention how hot my wife looked last night...are you kidding me? 

Freak'n smok'n!


Oh, you want to know about the costumes?  There were some, not as many as we had hoped, but there were some memorable ones!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Life in the Middle has really been eye opening.  I did not expect a “Fly-Over” to have much to offer, but I was oh-so wrong.

Yes, I miss the beaches…I still hate bugs…I still really hate humidity.

But KC is pretty sweet.

The food has been surprisingly good.  I have found that I have a love of all things KC BBQ.  There is a cool, little Thai place a couple miles from home.  I have even found an authentic Mexican food place that I would put up against almost any in San Diego.

The arts scene is really good.

All the top acts come here (I am going to see Lady Gaga next Tuesday and even saw Conan O’Brien on his recent “Legally not allowed to be funny on TV” tour).  The art museums are really quality and the nightlife is solid.

The people are amazing.

I had always heard about “Minnesota Nice” and “Southern Hospitality”, but I will put the people who live in the middle against anyone in terms of niceness and hospitality.  When the cashier at the store asks “how are you doing?” it is clear that they really want to know.

I underestimated the middle.

I like it here.


But I still miss San Diego

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My New Car

I bought a new car.

Well, new to me at least.

A sparkling (that is subject to interpretation) new (I use that term loosely) 1994 Toyota Pick-up.

The bumper is rusted…I don’t think it could tow me if I were tied to it…and the hood and roof look as if it has vitiligo.

But the tires are in good shape, the truck bed has a nice liner and the engine runs like a champ.

It is perfect for runs to Home Depot…critical when you buy a house that was built 18 years ago and has been neglected the last two…it is perfect for camping…it is perfect for driving in hail storms.

Sure, it is small…like really, really small.  No extra cab, no reclining seats.

I pull up next to a Ford Ranger and I have size envy.

But it represents everything my pops taught me about cars. 

  1. Consumer Reports loves them
  2. It has been well maintained (I even have receipts for oil changes dating back to my freshman year of college!)
  3. It did not cost much
I even called pops the day I bought it and told him that he would be so proud of me.

Sure, I have to sneak in and out of my neighborhood because I don’t think the HOA lets people who live there drive such a car.  Yes, I get very weird glances when I pull into the parking lot at work. 

I have even been asked if I am having money problems since this was my “New Car”.

But I love it.  It is perfect for what I need. 

And if I am lucky, my first born will drive it when he/she turns 16.  How cool will that be?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Don't Want Tiffany's...I Want A Blog

"Well, do you prefer the ring or the necklace...or do you really 'need' them both?"

"I don't know."

"How am I supposed to decide what to get you for your birthday if you don't tell me? You have never asked for anything and this year you did. So, I want to make sure you get what you want. What my baby wants, my baby gets."

"I don't know."

"Babe, I love you, but help me out a bit here. What do you want?"

"You know what I want? I want you to start blogging again. I miss it. I miss reading what you have to say. I miss reading about us and you and the things that we do."


So yes, after an absence a little longer than I originally anticipated, I am just took C's birthday to spur me on.

I have so much to write about. Adjusting to "Life in the Middle", buying the new house, being a Land Barron, gourmet bacon and owning a farm.


So, do you like the new title? We ran the little contest and while we got a number of suggestions, it was Claire that ultimately came up with the winning name.


Yes, I missed you guys. It is good to be back.


Oh and babe...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Remembering Mandy

It has been 10 years...and I still think about her. I wrote about it back in 2008. Thought a repost was due...Click on over and share it with me.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bogart out of P-Towne we are starting to get settled in.

We close on the house Monday. We have a little work to do on the house before we move in (painting walls and stripping wall paper), but we are so stoked to do it.

By that I mean, we are writing a check to someone to take care of it for us.

We also have some moving to do and unpacking...

Again, that will mostly mean sitting back and watching the movers open boxes and put stuff where we tell them.

But we will be buying furniture, tv's and tools for the manly things I need to do now that I am a homeowner again.

During the next couple of weeks, I will be stepping away from the blog. Getting it ready for the new roll-out and new name.

We will be back, better than ever after we get back from our Dive Trip May 19-23 to the Florida Keys.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you check out these wonderful blogs:

Poop and Boogies <-- My bloggin' man crush
Eating in South Louisiana < will be after checking them out
The Maiden Metallurgist <-- So Chic yet so work with your hands
BSing with Friends <-- My far left HS buddy that will argue politics with me
FDKG <-- Can be lol funny


See you in a couple weeks!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Red House

I love this commercial...I have watched it 4 or 5 times and I crack up every can I not share this?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wasps, Dinner Discussion and the Blog Name

Claire and I staying in a 1 bedroom, postage stamp apartment has been nice. It is a good change from the 1500 miles that have separated us over the better part of the last 6 months. Sure, it is different to be sitting on the bed, putting on our shoes and being able to practically slap my wife's butt while she is standing in the kitchen, but it is nice to be together.

The wasp infestation on the balcony caused some consternation for me...clearly not an issue for Claire. I wanted the slider shut, the blinds closed and would constantly be checking the seals of the door to make sure that no wasp could find its way in. Claire would open the slider the moment I left home and spent the entire day with it open, trusting the screen to hold off the enemy invasion.

Yet another stark contrast between my upbringing in 75 degrees and sunny, no bugs, no humidity San Diego and her's with 90% humidity, bugs the size of Texas and heat that melts your face off.


We were eating dinner last night with some people from work. One of the gals with us told the following story:

"The last time my father whooped me was when I was 17 years old. I told a teacher to 'KISS MY @$$'. He got me good with the belt. My mom, just sat and cried. All she said through her tears was 'I don't understand why you would invite that man to your butt.'"

It may have taken a few seconds for it to sink in, but it really was one of the funniest lines I have heard in a while.


We will hold a little vote later this week to rename the blog and the winning name will be chosen. Any last minute entries are welcome.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogg'n Cause of Julia Child

Claire and I were watching Julie and Julia this evening...It was a very cute movie. Especially the back story about blogging. Made me want to jump on here and I did.


The movie also made me excited to cook again. Claire and I are currently under contract to purchase a home and it has a wonderful kitchen, including a GAS STOVE!!!!

Oh the things I will cook.


Did I mention the house has a deck...a deck for a GRILL!!! Have not had one of those for the past 3 do I miss grilling peaches, pineapples, rib-eye's, burgers, tortillas, avocados, clams and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.

Oh the things I will cook.


We discovered Whole Fruit sorbet this week. Wow-wee good.


Happy Tax Day Y'all

Monday, April 12, 2010

Loving Her Man

Was walking through the atrium at work this morning.

I passed two of our employees talking.

As I walked past I hear:

What did you do this weekend?

Well, Friday was Brandon's birthday and I had not gotten him anything, so on the way home, I ordered him a stripper. It was a lot of fun.


Stay classy Kansas City.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

World of Cool -- Detroit Edition

I flew to Detroit for the weekend.

It really is a beautiful place outside of the city.


What does a 33 year old man eat when he is on the road, in a city he does not know, hanging out? Burgers of course.

Last night had a rock'n one at Wolfgang Puck...It was with grilled onions and was served on Brioche. Fantastic.

For breakfast, I got a cup of coffee and a McDouble at the Golden Arches. Is that a bad thing?


Heading to the Tigers game today by myself. It is really indicative of my entire trip.

This weekend was planned 2 months ago. Arranged to spend the weekend with friends and I bought the airline ticket. They went out, purchased Tigers tickets for the weekend, planned some golf and started preparations for a guys weekend.

Then, about a month ago, I get a call. "Hey Bogart, it's Jeff. Bad news buddy. My wife and I got our wires crossed. I am in Florida with the family that week, including the weekend. I am really sorry."

No problem. My other buddy Robert is up here. Will hang with him...Yea, no. Robert and family is going with.

That is okay. I had a back-up-back-up...I called Deb. We scheduled to meet up at a tailgate party, go to the game and then dinner. Sounds like a good Saturday.

Got a text this morning at I was walking out the door.

"Bogart. Personal emergency. Won't be able to make it today."


So, I am hanging at a M'cky D's, eating a McDouble and writing a blog.

Yup. I live in a world of coolness!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Personal Thoughts Out Loud

File this under...Keep your thoughts to yourself...

As I walked into the restroom at the office the other day, an older gentlemen held the door for me and then proceeded to the urinal next to mine.

As I finished, I walked over to the sink and heard him grunting a bit.

He was clearly struggling to squeeze it out.

I made for the door and he was still at the urinal, having a tough time.

I mumbled "Yup, peeing is a young man's game."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The New Place

All moved in...into the Execustay. It is a 1-bedroom place, that is the same size as the living room in my old place. No, I am not exaggerating.

But there are some nice things about it...first, it is free to me. Nice relo-package, eh? Second, while the kitchen is smaller than my old one, it is open to the living room. I can cook red beans and rice (Thanks J + M in L-Towne) and watch the baseball games. That makes me happy. Finally, I have a deck. I can sit outside, enjoy a glass of wine or partake in a beautiful cigar.


Can't wait to have Claire join me. The last 5 months of commuting has been a little difficult.


Congrats to our good friends Derek and Katie. They welcomed their second daughter Zella Kathryn into the world last night. Mom and baby are healthy and everyone is so very happy!


Still have not found the new name for the blog. Some of the suggestions have been great, but not sure it captures where I want to go with this. More pondering...and more offerings are welcome. Claire and I will be sending out a KC prize pack to whoever suggests the winning name.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bogart No Longer in P-Towne

The Blog needs a new name and I would like your creativity to help come up with the new name.

Why, you ask?

Well, Claire and I are moving to Kansas City, Missouri. I will be out there starting April 5 and Claire will be joining me a few weeks later.

Yes...I left San Diego to go track down Claire and take her back to San Diego...I just did not know that we would have a stop over in Missouri.

So, I would like to hold a contest to rename the blog. I have already ruled out Bogart in KC.

Claire and I will evaluate any and all entries and pick our favorite. Out favorite will be named the winner and we will use your suggestion to rename the blog. We will also send you out a little gift.

So, let me hear your thoughts...what should we rename the blog?


Monday, March 29, 2010

Pig Heaven has been a couple of weeks. That is not right. Sorry for the delay.


I have been traveling back and forth from P-Towne to KC every Monday through Friday...I don't bring my personal computer. I work long hours. I cry a lot.

Grandma always said excuses were like armpits...guess mine are stinky.


We do have a big announcement coming in Wednesday AM and a little contest to go with it. Check back then and give it your best shot(s).


Claire and I went to Pork and Pinot at Vintage Tavern yesterday...holy cow. It was like food heaven...every piece of the pigs was ingested...we ate something called Bacon Explosion, are you kidding me?

We also had 7 or 8 different Pinot's to drink.

Claire and I had a big, fat food baby when we got home. I oinked as I fell asleep. it was glorious!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liv'n on the Road

So the trip was awesome! It really was...but that was no surprise. After all these years, it has not lost an ounce of its luster...if anything, Spring Training has become even better.


The new job has been great. No, I am not enjoying ironing every day, but the human interaction in the office is a nice change. After 4+ years of working from home, I am in the land of normal people almost every day.


The thing that has been, not just the shaving every morning...but that the office is in KC and I am living in Virginia. The commute (fly out on Monday and home on Friday) is one thing, but eating out every meal is getting tiresome.

I miss cooking.


Have you seen Modern Family yet? If not, you should. Thanks William for turning me on...and for introducing me to that show.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Only 24-Hours Left!!!

24-hours until I head over to the airport...

24-hours until I climb on a plane to go to Arizona...

24-hours to the annual Spring Training trip...



We have a newbie joining us this year.

It started with just three of us...Teddy, Esteban and me...we did that for a few years...and it was glorious. Probably the weekend the three of us look forward to more than just about any other.

The other guys that we hang with started to get jealous...they wanted a piece of the action. Demand built for others to join us, but we kept it pure. We kept it Old School.

But we finally broke and allowed a crasher...J joined us a few years back...bringing the trip to 4 guys. It was pretty sweet.

So this year, we are bringing along my Bro as our fourth. Should be good times!


Did I mention that I am going to be leaving in just 24-hours?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mohawk Theory

When you are a young kid...we will call it under 7 years old...a Mohawk is kinda cool. You usually bring a smile to someone's face, as they contemplate how cute you look.

When you are young...we will call it age 12-40...a Mohawk makes you look like a punk. Unless you are on-stage with a guitar in your hands, it should be illegal. Most people look at you and want to punch you in the face...or at least call the cops because you just stole that pair of pants.

When you are middle age...we will call it 40-60...a Mohawk makes you look like you are trying too hard. You usually bring a smile to someone's face, as they contemplate how silly you look.

When you are old...we will call it north of 75 years old...a Mohawk is kinda cool all over again. You usually bring a smile to someone's face, as they contemplate how cute you look.

Does that sound about right?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Work Getting in the Way

Boy, this whole working in an office thing makes it hard to do much outside of work.

Picking up the dry cleaning is a newly difficult thing. What do you mean you close at 6pm, M-F? I often don't even leave the office until after 630. Now what am I going to wear tomorrow?

Going to Costco is losing some of its, not because Costco went downhill (it hasn't), but because I can only go on Saturday or Sunday. It is so frigg'n crowded. Who are these people and why are they in MY COSTCO. Don't they understand their presence is making the Happiest Place on Earth a little less happy?

Don't get me started on going to the Post Office.

At least Netflix remains a constant.


I was noticing that I think about blogging less often now...not that my desire to write is any lower, it is just that I don't notice as many things as I used to. I also don't have as much reflection time. I think that makes it much more difficult to maintain a good blog.


Baseball is back!!! All is right with the world!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

She Did Not Run Away!!

Happy Anniversary Love...

One year ago today we said "I Do".

I am a blessed man.

Is there anything else to say?


Sure, I could talk about how amazing you are.

How you are a great baker...yes, that is the first thing I mention, because it is unlikely to go away and I love me some cookies.

How you have great taste in men...what, you like self-confidence.

How you...I better stop there. Most of the rest is self serving or, well, frankly not suitable for families or you mom to read about. (Love to J in L-Towne)


Thank you for a wonderful year. I look forward to a bunch, I am not going to put a number on it, but let's just say a lot!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cigs and Donuts

Sometimes I am baffled by the people I see...

Yesterday I saw a very elderly lady wearing Addidas and walking around with an was pretty slick.

Last week, I met a guy at work that wears a fantastic mullet and eats 4 doughnuts for breakfast every day.


Had a great time this weekend with Claire this weekend. We ate good meals, laughed together, made other people smile and generally were wonderfully happy.

Sorta like every other weekend.


I kinda make myself sick sometimes.


Did you see that Curling match this weekend?

"Which one?" you ask.

You know, that really super, exciting one. The one that had us all on the edge of our seat, jumping up and down at the end!

Yeah, me either.


But I do love Curling...I really think it is my last hope for actually making the Olympics.

I think I will start my training today...Belushi is my trainer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

High Class Hotel Liv'n

In KC this week...again. Spending most of my time here.

It is nice. I like it here. The food has been good. The company...well, nonexistent.

Until this weekend.

My beautiful wife joined me for the weekend and it has made it oh so much better.

We had a great meal at Jack Stack...fantastic.

We had a good time walking around the Plaza...beautiful.

It makes such a difference to have her here beside me.


Living in the Marriott, which is essentially what I am doing, is a unique experience. I need to be careful because I am really getting used to clean sheets most days, my trash emptied for me and whenever I want a new towel I just throw the old one on the floor.

I don't think Claire is liking that last one very much. I might be trying it at home without the same results.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Because I Love...

I love to write...but I am not a writer.

I love to cook...but I am not a chef.

I love to drive...but I am not a racer.

I love to tell stories...but I am not an orator.

I love to love...but I am not a poet.


There are so many things that I love. There are so many more things that I am not.

But one thing is for sure...I love my wife very much...and I AM a better person because she loves me!


What do you love?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

C'mon Man...

In Vegas this week for a work conference...pretty much running ragged from our first meetings in the morning (8am) to the last schmoozing opportunity at night (1 or 2 am)...

Luckily, this year Claire and I get to share a room. It certainly helps to be able to sleep next to my wife each night!


There are few things I hate more than selfishness...yes, we all are selfish at one point or another, but then there are the chronic selfish people...People like this:
I really hate when people park like that, especially in a packed parking lot. I know you have a nice car and all, but c'mon man, think of other people and how your actions effect them.


Looks like I might be heading to Lisbon, Portugal with Claire in April/May...her two week commitment for the Navy this year is sending her there. The last two years she went to Norway (I even got to join her last year), but this year was a new place...and I even get to join her!
Claire and I have some friends that have asked me to perform their wedding ceremony. It has been a couple of years since I have performed one and, while a little nervous thinking about it, I am so very honored! Especially because it is so obvious how amazing they are together...sorta like this other pretty cool couple I know!

Monday, February 8, 2010

DAT Who!!!

For the family in NO...



Are you kidding me? New Orleans wins the SuperBowl!!!!

Everyone has been asking, WHO DAT?!

I think they answered...DAT WHO!!! Geaux Saints!!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010



Front Runner? Me? Nah...

Drew Brees was drafted, developed and led the San Diego Chargers for most of the Aughts...
Reggie Bush is a San Diego boy...Helix High

And my wife is from New Orleans...I got put on the bus the day I said I Do!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow Play and Comic Book Guy

This week, Claire experimented with making Coconut Bread...I don't remember what she called it, but it was clear that she made it with Awesome Sauce mixed in...unfortunately, unless I want to start looking like this, I need to get out and start running again. Coconut Bread is not the best thing on the waistline.


As mentioned earlier this week, we got 10-12 inches of snow this weekend. It was the most snow in this area over the past 20 years.

The best part of the snow was getting to experience it with my wonderful wife. She had never been in falling snow before and the joy she was experiencing was so great! It is truly one of my favorite moments I have ever had with her!

We went out on Saturday night (despite warnings on the news to cancel all driving) with our good friends John and Lisa...We had such a blast. We went out for sushi and then back to their house for Chocolate cake iced with Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter.

Yes, more running is needed.

With the weather so bad and it being very late, we ended up crashing at their place that night. We woke up to a few more inches of fresh snow, so it was time for some Snow Play!

The snow time was pretty incredible, including a swing-set at the playground that, well, got put to good use!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowmobile 2010

Two weeks ago, Claire and I met up in Detroit to go snowmobiling with some good friends of ours. We went two years ago with them and were anxious to renew the tradition.

We flew up Friday night, drove 3 hours north and stayed in a 3 bedroom condo. We spent most of Saturday out in the woods, zipping around.
On Sunday, the girls decided to take a break and hit the spa for massages and Mani/Pedi...the guys went out and jumped the snowmobiles. It is amazing to be going 75mph on the snow and then hitting a bump.

Such a great trip. We are so thankful for Robert and Jeff setting it up. Claire and I are so blessed.
We got a foot of snow in Norfolk this past weekend. It made for a great couple of days of snow up later this week.
I know Y'all are rooting for the Saints this weekend, right? I love Peyton as much as anyone, but it is the Saints! Drew Breeeezzzzzzz....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grunts and BBQ

I was working out this morning and a guy walked in about 1/2 way through the work out. He jumped on the treadmill and started running. While he was running I kept hearing these weird noises and grunts. I thought he had touretts.

No, he had just turned on America's Funniest Home Videos and was laughing.


Have you ever put on a shirt backwards and not noticed? I know I have. Does not happen often, but with a big enough collar, it is possible...then it is embarrassing because someone has to point it out to you.

But when you do it with a hoodie at 5am, it is a bit confusing. See, when the hood covers your face, I am guessing you stand there, just for a moment and try to figure out why your sight has disappeared.


Is it bad that I have eaten at the same restaurant the last 3 nights?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Odds and Ends from KC

It was hard to watch my Chargers lose last week...It was nice to see my wife's Saints win this week!

Who Dat? Geaux Saints!


I am in KC this week...working in the real office. It is a big change of pace for me since I have worked from home since 2005. Deciding what to wear, making sure it matches and that my shirts/pants are not all wrinkly are all things I don't remember how to do on a daily basis.


At least I finally get to wear some of my nice shirts on a regular basis...I think the shirts are confused though. Every time I put one on I get the feeling that I should either be going to church or out on a date with my wife...then the shirt seems to be disappointed when I show up at the office.


Shaving every day sucks too!


Is it just me or is a Caramel Sundae from McDonald's a tasty treat from Heaven?


Claire and I talk about kids and our desire to have them on a regular basis...One of the interesting things is our view on how long it should take to get pregnant.

My experience, as viewed when watching my friends/family, is that it takes no time at all. Virtually everyone I know got pregnant almost immediately after trying...including one buddy that hit the bulls-eye on the first try. Claire's experience, as viewed when watching her friends, is that it takes a long time and often includes fertility treatments.

I know every couple is different, but it is interesting how our experience guides the desires and decisions we make. It gets complicated when you are trying to make decisions and the view is so different from either side!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Vegas NYE Trip...#3

Man is amazing how a new job gets in the way of blogging...

On December 30, my family went back home and our new travel companions joined us in Vegas.

It was a trip for New Years and included Claire's sister Sarah and her husband was their first trip to Vegas, so we set out to show them a good time. Steve and Stacey were the other Vegas Veterans and we had worked hard to make sure it was a trip worth remembering...Starting with an upgraded hotel room at the Paris!

We caught up in the hotel and then got dressed to head out. First stop was Five Below, the ice bar. We spent about 45 minutes hanging out in there and enjoying the experience. It was pretty cool.
Then off to Red Square to meet a friend for vodka tasting. Most of the vodkas were not so good, but the company and experience was great!

Then dinner at Mesa Grill...Bobby Flay's place at the Ceasers Hotel.


New Years eve was great...Breakfast at Bouchon and a day at Qua, the spa in Ceasers. Love the relaxing days at the spa. I know, most guys laugh, but it is because they don't know how to relax and enjoy a good pampering!

We ate dinner at the Noodle House at Ceasers (you have to eat there...the food was amazing) and then over to Tao for the NYE Party.

It was packed...too packed. We got separated from our group and did not hook back up until we left the club.
We did head over to Lavo (at Pallazzo) and did get some dancing in at a less crowded spot. At about 3am we decided to call it a night and headed back...but not before stopping for pizza. OH MY how good it was!
Friday, New Year's day had us puttering around town and doing some sight seeing...then dinner at N9NE steakhouse at the Palms. Our favorite meal of the trip! Can't recommend that place enough!
Right after dinner, the restaurant manager walked us up to the Ghost Bar to take in the view...

That night, we headed to Pure Nightclub at the Palms. A private table, bottle service and no waiting in, not even the VIP line...we had the rock star treatment. It was like being Super VIP's. We waived at VIP's as we walked by them and were escorted by our private bouncer to our private table with our private hostess, 15 feet from the DJ booth and overlooking the dance floor. Did I mention the DJ was Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas? Will-Freak'n-I.Am. Amazing!
We were dancing on the white leather couches. We were dancing in our private area. We were frigg'n rock-stars all night long. Amazing!
Saturday we spent some time shopping, eating hot dog's at Pink's and having amazing Sushi at Roku Sushi in Ceasers. Then we saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. What a great show. We had tickets 10 rows back in the center. Oh My Goodness....


Both Vegas trips were great...different, but great. We can't wait to schedule them both again real soon!!!