Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bogart is the Prophet

We were playing cards the other night with some neighbors.  Their twelve year old son was hanging out with us.

We were all discussing music, girls and Costco. 

Since we have moved in, we have converted our neighbors into Costco people.  They bought into our incessent talk about the "Happiest Place on Earth" and how wonderful it is there.

The son has decided that he also loves it there and during our conversation he said:

"I feel like Costco is becoming my religion and Bogart is my prophet."


MaBunny said...

I like Costco too, lol. Good luck your new calling as a prophet, lol.

The Effects of Long-Term Isolation said...

That's really funny, nephew . . . and a little disturbing. :-)

Fellow Transplanted-Missourian kudos!

WILLIAM said...

And Bogart spoketh, "buy not your toilet paper in single rolls, nor 6 packs or twelve but useth costco and buy it in 4 x 12s.