Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Training, Bad Hair, Premature Love, and Barack

It was great. It always is. I mean, really, how could it not be? Two of my best friends, baseball, golf, and a guys weekend.

This past weekend was my annual trip to Phoenix for Spring Training. I have been doing it since I was a kid and this is the 6th year in a row that I have done it with Teddy and Steve.

We saw two games in Peoria, where the Padres and Mariners train, and one game in Surprise where the Royals and Rangers train. We saw major and minor league games, practices, and players...It was great.


Heck yes we are excited about next year!


Time to start backing off these trips for a while. The travel has just gotten to be too much and I need to spend a bit more time at home. Yes, we are going to New Orleans/Baton Rouge this weekend (A Baptism and Easter), but that should be it for a while.


My nephew just started to smile...I am not sure what is up with his hair. Hey Esther, couldn't you slick it down or something? I know that some spikes are in fashion (just look at JP), but I don't know if that will get the ladies.


My Goddaughter, all of 5 years old, has found out that kissing is cool. Chasing boys around the school yard and kissing them...she apparently has a special fondness for a boy named Luke because she "Loves him". Is it a good thing to want to have a conversation with a 5 year old boy about how much my Goddaughter means to me and that if he makes her cry that I will make him cry? Just wonder'n.


As many of you know, I am a political junkie...baseball, family, God, politics...these are the things that I get super excited about. Sometimes too much...But right now I am in 7th heaven...an election year, a contentious race, and historical people involved. It is so great.

I don't often write about politics on this blog, I don't know that it is the right place, but I thought a very interesting point was brought up yesterday in the Wall Street Journal. They quoted a blog (that I now can't find, but will keep working on it) written by an Obama campaign supporter. The basic question regarding his pastor was this: Mr. Obama, can you explain how you can say you did not know about the comments your pastor made just 5 days after the 9/11 attacks? Either they were very common comments, not at all unusual in this church that you have been a member of for 20 years and people were not shocked by them or you are lying. If they were unusual, don't you think there might have been enough shock that at least one of the parisioners would have called the sitting Illinois senator and told him about the comments? 'Hey Barack, did you hear what pastor said this weekend? Can you believe it?'

I think it is a legitimate question that will be addressed in Phily today.


for a different kind of girl said...

There is a little kindergarten classmate calling my 6 year old son on a regular basis. I think this is cute in a "Wow, she's pretty bold for six!" kind of way, but when I tell my little boy how she calls for him, he smiles like he really likes it, and her.

Six!! Who knew kids were so bold at this age, asked the girl who was 16 when she first called a boy...

WILLIAM said...

I read Obama's speech today and I was impressed with it. I am a republican who also like politics. And I think the speech (and it is just a speech) was very direct with about racism inour country. I believe what obama said is true as to the why's of why people feel owed in this country. I also liked that he said he would disown the pastor. That to me is a stand up guy. The pastor could ruin his chances at being president but he will stick to his guns. I like that. Hillary would have distanced herslef and said lies and what have you just to deflect the attnetion. Obama took it head on. Gutsy.

Katelin said...

Woo baseball. I can't wait for the season to start.

And your nephew is so cute! Precious!

Bogart in P Towne said...

DKG - I remember having a "girlfriend" in the second grade, so I guess that is not that much different.

William - That is a great point...he did not cut and run from the pastor. I still have MAJOR issues with this and think it really brings up issues about Obama's judgement (who would he pick to be a judge on the supreme court I keep asking), but my respect for the honor he is showing here is growing.

Katelin - Thanks...goofy looking, but cute.