Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Only 24-Hours Left!!!

24-hours until I head over to the airport...

24-hours until I climb on a plane to go to Arizona...

24-hours to the annual Spring Training trip...



We have a newbie joining us this year.

It started with just three of us...Teddy, Esteban and me...we did that for a few years...and it was glorious. Probably the weekend the three of us look forward to more than just about any other.

The other guys that we hang with started to get jealous...they wanted a piece of the action. Demand built for others to join us, but we kept it pure. We kept it Old School.

But we finally broke and allowed a crasher...J joined us a few years back...bringing the trip to 4 guys. It was pretty sweet.

So this year, we are bringing along my Bro as our fourth. Should be good times!


Did I mention that I am going to be leaving in just 24-hours?


Rebecca said...

sounds absolutely blissful!
You are so blessed.
Have a wonderful time, son.

Schell Family said...

Steve can't wait!

Emma was SO mad when she found out that he was going to be seeing you and she wasn't!! She said "But when is he going to come HERE?!?" You are loved by that little girl!

Take care of Steve this weekend :)!