Monday, March 29, 2010

Pig Heaven has been a couple of weeks. That is not right. Sorry for the delay.


I have been traveling back and forth from P-Towne to KC every Monday through Friday...I don't bring my personal computer. I work long hours. I cry a lot.

Grandma always said excuses were like armpits...guess mine are stinky.


We do have a big announcement coming in Wednesday AM and a little contest to go with it. Check back then and give it your best shot(s).


Claire and I went to Pork and Pinot at Vintage Tavern yesterday...holy cow. It was like food heaven...every piece of the pigs was ingested...we ate something called Bacon Explosion, are you kidding me?

We also had 7 or 8 different Pinot's to drink.

Claire and I had a big, fat food baby when we got home. I oinked as I fell asleep. it was glorious!

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WILLIAM said...

big announcement would not be that Claire is preggers if she was just drinking pinot. My guess is you are moving to KC>