Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogg'n Cause of Julia Child

Claire and I were watching Julie and Julia this evening...It was a very cute movie. Especially the back story about blogging. Made me want to jump on here and I did.


The movie also made me excited to cook again. Claire and I are currently under contract to purchase a home and it has a wonderful kitchen, including a GAS STOVE!!!!

Oh the things I will cook.


Did I mention the house has a deck...a deck for a GRILL!!! Have not had one of those for the past 3 do I miss grilling peaches, pineapples, rib-eye's, burgers, tortillas, avocados, clams and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.

Oh the things I will cook.


We discovered Whole Fruit sorbet this week. Wow-wee good.


Happy Tax Day Y'all


Susan said...

I loved that movie too, and I could totally relate to the blogging backstory too. Especially the party about getting her first comment! I think we can all relate.

Wow! It sounds like you grill some pretty exotic stuff! Very cool! I've got to get out of my box of only grilling meat and corn on the cob! Boring...

By the bout them Padres? They redemed themselves a little last night didn't they? Nice walk off homer! (And how about the home opener? Whippee!)

Sue said...

Opps! That posted from my 'big girl' account...I bet you knew it was me though, right?

sari said...

How do you grill peaches?

Cocotte said...

I remember how excited we were to finally have a deck to grill out on!

WILLIAM said...

congrats on the house.

Cooking and bloggin rock.