Saturday, November 27, 2010

The House Before

Claire and I finally have the house settled and ready for prime time...well mostly.  We still have some landscaping to do, would like to redo the kitchen and spruce up the floors, but we figure it is probably time to share some before and after shots...

Today, before...and no, none of the furniture is ours...also, every wall, ceiling and exposed wood in the house (Except for kitchen and basement) has been painted...

Back Deck, just off the kitchen...

When that day comes, this is probably what this room will look like.

Dining room

Front Entry, stairs and C's Office

I guess you would call this the Hearth Room and Breakfast Nook


Living Room

Front 1/2 of basement

Back Half of Basement

Storage room in basement

Master Bath..notice the rough wallpaper

Master Bedroom

C's Office


WILLIAM said...

dude that place is huge. The kitchen is awesome and heh heh you said "nook".

Kevin Pellatiro said...

Waiting for the after...