Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RIP O'l Jimmy

We had a death in the family.  It has been hard. 

While it was not a complete shock, somethings were just meant to live a short time, it was still jarring.

31 is such a young age...but if done right, the 31 can be very, very rewarding.

Everyday that we were together was wonderful. 

Strength and flavor...those would be the words that I would use to describe him.

31 months for a coffee pot is just too short a life.


I bought o'l Jimmy the Coffee Pot when I moved to VA.  The day after Thanksgiving 2007. 

He was on a center cap at Walmart.  A Black Friday Special.  Four bucks.

Yes, I bought Jimmy for $4. 

And he brought me 31 months of flavor...robust, full bodied flavor.  He brought me strength...the kind you can only find with a good Kenyan or Cuban cup.  Not the steroid induced, Turkish style.

He was Mr. Reliable...for only $4.


We went through our Dunkin Doughnuts faze...it only lasted one bag and I am ashamed.  Sorta like the Flock of Seagulls faze so many of my friends went through.

We went through our "Last Resort" mornings...you know, where you wake up and are out of coffee, but you really want something so you use the hotel coffee from last December.

We went through the expensive, Craft Kenyan time.  Wow that was a lot of fun and we both loved it, but like driving a BMW, it is fun while you do it, but then you realize that it costs way more than things should.

And when he died, we were in the midst of a Cuban Love Affair.  Ahhhh, the supple flavor, the smokey finish, the tan body...Yes, I am talking about coffee.


I will miss O'l Jimmy...yes, he has already been replaced with a fancier model.  This one even has a timer so I wake up to the best smell when waking up.

So, maybe I won't miss him, but I am sure there will be times, the quiet times, where O'l Jimmy sneaks back into my thoughts.  When I see a plain white coffee maker or when I drink coffee at a diner.

Until then, Rest In Peace dear Jimmy.  Rest in Peace.


WILLIAM said...

We just bought a replacement "Jimmy". Ours is on its way out. Not dead but almost and I did not want to be without one.

The Effects of Long-Term Isolation said...

I seriously thought (briefly) that you said 31 years, so I'm thinking, "Who is 31 years old? Must be someone in Claire's family that I don't know! How horrible!"

Then you said COFFEE POT. !!!!

Love you, co-Silverback.