Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The New Place

All moved in...into the Execustay. It is a 1-bedroom place, that is the same size as the living room in my old place. No, I am not exaggerating.

But there are some nice things about it...first, it is free to me. Nice relo-package, eh? Second, while the kitchen is smaller than my old one, it is open to the living room. I can cook red beans and rice (Thanks J + M in L-Towne) and watch the baseball games. That makes me happy. Finally, I have a deck. I can sit outside, enjoy a glass of wine or partake in a beautiful cigar.


Can't wait to have Claire join me. The last 5 months of commuting has been a little difficult.


Congrats to our good friends Derek and Katie. They welcomed their second daughter Zella Kathryn into the world last night. Mom and baby are healthy and everyone is so very happy!


Still have not found the new name for the blog. Some of the suggestions have been great, but not sure it captures where I want to go with this. More pondering...and more offerings are welcome. Claire and I will be sending out a KC prize pack to whoever suggests the winning name.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I tried to come up with a new name. Apparently I am brain dead.

Zella is a cool name. Have never heard it before - think it's growing on me!


Anonymous said...

Claire and Bogart exploring the Midwest? or
Team Bogart in MO?

WILLIAM said...

What...Knocking up Claire is not a good name?

How about "The Sunshine Band." as in KC and the...

The Wilson Window said...

congrats to your friends!!! LOVE the name.
although i am wondering just a little while our baby wasn't blog worthy :(
maybe because of my crappy christmas card???

kidding. hate we missed you last weekend!!! can't wait to come visit you guys after you get settled.