Saturday, April 10, 2010

World of Cool -- Detroit Edition

I flew to Detroit for the weekend.

It really is a beautiful place outside of the city.


What does a 33 year old man eat when he is on the road, in a city he does not know, hanging out? Burgers of course.

Last night had a rock'n one at Wolfgang Puck...It was with grilled onions and was served on Brioche. Fantastic.

For breakfast, I got a cup of coffee and a McDouble at the Golden Arches. Is that a bad thing?


Heading to the Tigers game today by myself. It is really indicative of my entire trip.

This weekend was planned 2 months ago. Arranged to spend the weekend with friends and I bought the airline ticket. They went out, purchased Tigers tickets for the weekend, planned some golf and started preparations for a guys weekend.

Then, about a month ago, I get a call. "Hey Bogart, it's Jeff. Bad news buddy. My wife and I got our wires crossed. I am in Florida with the family that week, including the weekend. I am really sorry."

No problem. My other buddy Robert is up here. Will hang with him...Yea, no. Robert and family is going with.

That is okay. I had a back-up-back-up...I called Deb. We scheduled to meet up at a tailgate party, go to the game and then dinner. Sounds like a good Saturday.

Got a text this morning at I was walking out the door.

"Bogart. Personal emergency. Won't be able to make it today."


So, I am hanging at a M'cky D's, eating a McDouble and writing a blog.

Yup. I live in a world of coolness!


Sue said...

Bummer that your plans didn't work out.

Hey, have you tried the new "Frappe" at Mickey D's? They are as good as Starbucks Frapps...if you like those, and way cheaper. I can feel those 60lbs. creeping back on with every slug...NO!!!!

WILLIAM said...

That is the life I dream of.

Cocotte said...

That is too bad......gotta say that Detroit may be my least favorite city in America.