Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Call for Hungry Men

I was reminded last week why I hate strongly dislike US Air.

I have flown on eight different flights with them this year (two round trips) and all eight have been at least 15 minutes late.

That of course means I have to do an OJ Simpson through the airport.  It also meant that twice last week I had to hear "Final Boarding Call for Mr. Bogart.  Mr. Bogart, please board your plane at gate *** or your seat will be forfeit."

Did I mention my employer had spent $1300 on a round trip ticket to Toronto and I had to pay another $10 when I checked in so I could avoid the last row window?


My favorite part of the trip to Toronto?  Well, probably getting to my hotel at 10:45pm and finding the kitchen closed.  You see, since my connecting flight was late, I did not have a chance to eat at the airport.  Since my flight into Toronto was late, I was unable to get to the hotel in time to get dinner from the kitchen.  So, what did that mean for my dietary choices???  Well, I got to experience something that I had not had since college...


Ah yea baby...Barbecue Surprise for Bogart.  Booya.  Take that GI Track.

Despite the non-glorious parts of business travel, I do miss getting on the road once in a while though. 


Claire said...

Your wife should take better care of you and send you with snacks! I will have a talk with her about doing just that in the future.

Love you!

WILLIAM said...

When I travel I9 out 10 times I go Soutwest.

Coffee Bean said...

I don't ever want to fly again. I went to Africa in September and it took me 43 hours of travel to get home. No joke. And my last flight was from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs and as I sat there thinking... 5 minutes until boarding... DELAYED popped up. I literally almost threw myself on the floor wanting to squawl like a 2 year old. I still feel sorry for myself and it's been almost two months.