Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Depressed because it is so good

Belt holes are funny things.

They can bring you a sense of pride.  Especially when you are two or three belt holes smaller than you used to be.  Sorta like what Poop is experiencing.

They can also be a source of uncomfortable-ness.  As in when you put on a belt that you have had a while and the grooves that hold the clasp are now visible because you can't, quite, comfortably stretch to where it "should" go.  Sorta like what I am experiencing.

After a summer full of BBQ and other assorted mid-west eating, my belt loops are not quite where they should be.  Sure, it does not help that instead of working out, I have been sitting in the office, hanging on the porch with neighbors and lifting ribs to my mouth.

Might need to work on that...not much more room to go before I have to buy a new belt...and if I get past that point, I will need new pants. 

Sobering...but man it was a great summer!!!


Coffee Bean said...

You are posting again and have changed your whole blog look! Cool! Sorry about the whole belt loop thing. Yoga pants are nice for those days but not if you're a dude.

WILLIAM said...

Rib lifting is excercise.