Saturday, March 6, 2010

Work Getting in the Way

Boy, this whole working in an office thing makes it hard to do much outside of work.

Picking up the dry cleaning is a newly difficult thing. What do you mean you close at 6pm, M-F? I often don't even leave the office until after 630. Now what am I going to wear tomorrow?

Going to Costco is losing some of its, not because Costco went downhill (it hasn't), but because I can only go on Saturday or Sunday. It is so frigg'n crowded. Who are these people and why are they in MY COSTCO. Don't they understand their presence is making the Happiest Place on Earth a little less happy?

Don't get me started on going to the Post Office.

At least Netflix remains a constant.


I was noticing that I think about blogging less often now...not that my desire to write is any lower, it is just that I don't notice as many things as I used to. I also don't have as much reflection time. I think that makes it much more difficult to maintain a good blog.


Baseball is back!!! All is right with the world!


MaBunny said...

lol, I know what you mean about not getting time to blog - I am hating that right now! But I still try to blog whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone who thinks like me and knows that BASEBALL is the king of sports! GO TEAM