Friday, January 22, 2010

Vegas NYE Trip...#3

Man is amazing how a new job gets in the way of blogging...

On December 30, my family went back home and our new travel companions joined us in Vegas.

It was a trip for New Years and included Claire's sister Sarah and her husband was their first trip to Vegas, so we set out to show them a good time. Steve and Stacey were the other Vegas Veterans and we had worked hard to make sure it was a trip worth remembering...Starting with an upgraded hotel room at the Paris!

We caught up in the hotel and then got dressed to head out. First stop was Five Below, the ice bar. We spent about 45 minutes hanging out in there and enjoying the experience. It was pretty cool.
Then off to Red Square to meet a friend for vodka tasting. Most of the vodkas were not so good, but the company and experience was great!

Then dinner at Mesa Grill...Bobby Flay's place at the Ceasers Hotel.


New Years eve was great...Breakfast at Bouchon and a day at Qua, the spa in Ceasers. Love the relaxing days at the spa. I know, most guys laugh, but it is because they don't know how to relax and enjoy a good pampering!

We ate dinner at the Noodle House at Ceasers (you have to eat there...the food was amazing) and then over to Tao for the NYE Party.

It was packed...too packed. We got separated from our group and did not hook back up until we left the club.
We did head over to Lavo (at Pallazzo) and did get some dancing in at a less crowded spot. At about 3am we decided to call it a night and headed back...but not before stopping for pizza. OH MY how good it was!
Friday, New Year's day had us puttering around town and doing some sight seeing...then dinner at N9NE steakhouse at the Palms. Our favorite meal of the trip! Can't recommend that place enough!
Right after dinner, the restaurant manager walked us up to the Ghost Bar to take in the view...

That night, we headed to Pure Nightclub at the Palms. A private table, bottle service and no waiting in, not even the VIP line...we had the rock star treatment. It was like being Super VIP's. We waived at VIP's as we walked by them and were escorted by our private bouncer to our private table with our private hostess, 15 feet from the DJ booth and overlooking the dance floor. Did I mention the DJ was Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas? Will-Freak'n-I.Am. Amazing!
We were dancing on the white leather couches. We were dancing in our private area. We were frigg'n rock-stars all night long. Amazing!
Saturday we spent some time shopping, eating hot dog's at Pink's and having amazing Sushi at Roku Sushi in Ceasers. Then we saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. What a great show. We had tickets 10 rows back in the center. Oh My Goodness....


Both Vegas trips were great...different, but great. We can't wait to schedule them both again real soon!!!


WILLIAM said...

Are you guys rock stars?

Cocotte said...

Wow - you did so much! How cool about the Will.I.Am!

The Charming Hedonist said...

Will.I.Am. This is me, jealous.

Sterg said... were in San Diego and you didn't call me....Turd.