Monday, January 25, 2010

Odds and Ends from KC

It was hard to watch my Chargers lose last week...It was nice to see my wife's Saints win this week!

Who Dat? Geaux Saints!


I am in KC this week...working in the real office. It is a big change of pace for me since I have worked from home since 2005. Deciding what to wear, making sure it matches and that my shirts/pants are not all wrinkly are all things I don't remember how to do on a daily basis.


At least I finally get to wear some of my nice shirts on a regular basis...I think the shirts are confused though. Every time I put one on I get the feeling that I should either be going to church or out on a date with my wife...then the shirt seems to be disappointed when I show up at the office.


Shaving every day sucks too!


Is it just me or is a Caramel Sundae from McDonald's a tasty treat from Heaven?


Claire and I talk about kids and our desire to have them on a regular basis...One of the interesting things is our view on how long it should take to get pregnant.

My experience, as viewed when watching my friends/family, is that it takes no time at all. Virtually everyone I know got pregnant almost immediately after trying...including one buddy that hit the bulls-eye on the first try. Claire's experience, as viewed when watching her friends, is that it takes a long time and often includes fertility treatments.

I know every couple is different, but it is interesting how our experience guides the desires and decisions we make. It gets complicated when you are trying to make decisions and the view is so different from either side!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I just know that the kiddo that gets you two as parents is going to be one lucky little one.

Have fun (wink wink) trying!

Hallie :)

WILLIAM said...

My shirts are confused too. Everytime I put one on it thinks I am fat or something and it fits too tightly. Silly Shirts.

As far as kids go, dont think about it.

Cocotte said...

My only advice about the TTC (trying to conceive) is that every woman's cycle is different. Don't think that days 12-16 are always prime time.

By the third kid, we had it figured out and got pregnant on the first try.

Kevin Pellatiro said...

Yes, I am posting at 3:30am, but pay no attention to that :-) the kiddo thing is a blast. We really are shocked at much fun we are having and how the 'hard part' we were so dreading... just isn't.

You are going to love it (and be terribly good at it) bud.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Thanks for the kind words