Friday, October 15, 2010

Hope the Judge Likes My Suit

"Hi, I am here in Virginia to perform a marriage ceremony.  I am licensed in the state of California as a Baptist Minister and I need to know what form I need to fill out so my license is recognized here."

That is how my morning started at the Clerk of the Court office in Virginia Beach.  3 1/2 hours and 5 people later, including the Chief Deputy Clerk and I am scheduled to stand before a judge today.  What this judge is looking for, I am not really sure, but I have had to call the church in San Diego and have them fax any and all paperwork that exists regarding my Pastoral License.

In Louisiana, all I had to do was walk in, show them my letter, sign a book and I was good to go.  Yup, I can marry and bury people in Louisiana. 

Virginia, however, takes this stuff extremely seriously.  I have to go to a courtroom and have a judge review my documents, talk to me a bit (I have no clue what he/she will ask) and decide if I am worthy to sign a marriage license in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Lucky day!!!

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Kevin Pellatiro said...

How exactly would they determine worthiness in a *clerks* office?? Can ask others to repeat after me, check. Have 'making fun of groom' ice-breaker ready, check. Chicken dance or electric slide - if needed, check.