Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bogart No Longer in P-Towne

The Blog needs a new name and I would like your creativity to help come up with the new name.

Why, you ask?

Well, Claire and I are moving to Kansas City, Missouri. I will be out there starting April 5 and Claire will be joining me a few weeks later.

Yes...I left San Diego to go track down Claire and take her back to San Diego...I just did not know that we would have a stop over in Missouri.

So, I would like to hold a contest to rename the blog. I have already ruled out Bogart in KC.

Claire and I will evaluate any and all entries and pick our favorite. Out favorite will be named the winner and we will use your suggestion to rename the blog. We will also send you out a little gift.

So, let me hear your thoughts...what should we rename the blog?



WILLIAM said...

Bo Mo---

Somewhere in Middle America (counting Corws song called Omaha)

Bogart-Crossing Back.

Sue said... are a few...

Bogart mooove's to Cowtown
Bogart cruises to Cowtown
Bogart in the City of Fountains
Bogart in the Show Me State
Lookout KCMO - Bogart's here!

Catrina Stanley said...

We're Half Way There (Living on a Prayer - BonJovi)
... because your halfway back to California

WILLIAM said...

Fat on Ribs.

Knocking Up Claire. That should be it right there.