Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Trash Man

I am a trash man. No, I do not do it to make a living, but ever since I was a kid, my chore was taking out the trash. I am 31 years old (almost 32....soak that up mom!) and for some reason it is still a compulsion. I even do it when I go over to Claire's place. I will cook dinner, hang out, then take out the trash. I even walk into her bathroom and empty that trash. I think it must be hard wired into me at this point. Just 2 weeks ago, I was visiting a friend and I found myself getting a large trash bag and walking around their house on a search for trash baskets to empty.

Clearly I have a problem.

So I tell you this prelude because I have had a breakthrough in my life. This is epic. It is life altering and eye opening. It has allowed me to know myself better and in turn, love more, live with stronger vibrancy, and all-in-all be a better man.

Here is what I realized: I generate a lot of trash. A LOT. A frigg'n amazing amount of garbage. They should name landfills after me. I should buy stock in Hefty Trash Bags. I should tip the garbage man.

In college, I complained that my roommates were always filling up the trash cans. I got so angry because it seemed like I had to take out the trash 2-3 times a day. I even went out and bought a 40-gallon yard can for our kitchen. I still took that thing out 4 or 5 times a week.

Then, one roommate and I decided that 4 guys living on their own for the first time in a 2-bedroom apartment was no longer for us, so we moved to the beach and got a 2-bedroom for ourselves. I was convinced that HE was the trash maker. I was still seemingly taking out the trash all the time.

I lived with 3 other separate people during college. I complained about the trash they generated. I told them they needed to wise up and save the earth or something. They needed to pitch in and take their own dang trash out. They needed to shape up or ship out.

Today, I live alone. For the very first time ever.

I still take out the trash daily. Sometimes twice a day. I had an epiphany...I am the culprit. I am the trashman.


I should write apology letters to all my former roommates.


Top 50, Part 7

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

20. Tipsy - J-Kwon...Okay, so I usually am pretty good about lyrics. Usually. The first 6 months I listened to the song, I thought he was in the club "gett'n tense" he and his crew had to fight someone b/c they were "stare'n at his clique". My brother heard me singing this. He laughed. Now they are in the club "gett'n tipsy".

19. Amazing - Josh Kelley...Another head bobber. Great with the top down, sunglasses on, and cute girl in the front seat.

18. Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole...yes, it has become a wedding song, but the minute I heard Iz sing I was in love with his bigness. Unfortunately dude died a couple of years ago, but if you want to know what being in Hawaii is like, just give his albums a spin. And if you want to be happy, just listen to this song!

17. Change the World - Eric Clapton & Babyface...From the moment I heard this song I was a fan. It helps that I am a big Clapton fan and have most of his albums. Oh yea, and Phenomenon is one of my favorite movies.

16. Closer - Nine Inch Nails...Yes, this is a raw song, but the beat and Trent Reznor's voice produce raw emotion. I remember being a bouncer and this song getting played. The mood in the entire place would change. Very sexual. Very crude. Very good song.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Am I an Old Soul or Just Stupid? Top 50 Part 6

For the past 7 months (*GASP* have I lived out here that long already? Wow!), I have been living what many people would consider a primitive life. I avoided getting cable TV until March (that is a full 5 months w/o cable) and I only got it b/c baseball season was starting. I paid cash for an 11-year old car with 188000 miles on it. Yes, just shy of two-hundred thousand miles. But the one thing that seems to disturb people the most is that I have gone without buying a microwave. I don't have one at the apartment and I really have no intention of buying one.

Sure, Claire has one at her place and I have used it, but I really have little use for one. Yes, I LOVE leftovers and eat them all the time. I just warm things up on the stove.

"So, what is the point Bogart?" screams his 4 readers...

Well, let me tell you what I have learned by not owning a microwave:

1. If you warm up food in a pan on the stove, it seems to hold the heat better and longer. I don't know if this has to do with the physics of warming (microwaves work by exciting the water molecules in the item you are warming), but it really does work better.

2. Warming pizza on the stove top is tough. It is better to just turn the oven to 350 degrees, slide the pizza in for 5-7 mins, and then partake. I might have had a couple of dinners with burnt bottoms and cold tops...sounds like a cheap porno, no?

3. You go through a lot of butter warming things on the stove. You got to grease the pan somehow and butter just tastes so good! (As an aside, another thing I learned is that you don't want to use unsalted butter for anything but baking. Trust me on this.)

4. A lot of foods I don't consider greasy leave a lot of grease behind when you warm them in a pan...Sure cheese is a big offender, but milk also leaves some weird greesy residue. Strange, eh?

5. It may take a little longer, but it is more satisfying and enjoyable. Since I like to cook and have the willingness to spend 5 mins over the stove instead of 60 seconds at the microwave door, it has been a good thing.


Does make popcorn much more difficult...I am not going to lie.


Do you like the tan I am sporting in the picture above? Just like I was back in SoCal.


Top 50, Part 6

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

25. Mountains Win Again - Blues Traveler...I love this entire album, but this song, whatever the heck it means is great. I think I am a sucker for a good, olde-fashioned harmonica.

24. Something - Beatles...So much of their music is unbelievably bad. I mean hideous. So much of it is also amazing. Wonder if the drugs had something to do with it?

23. American Pie - Don McLean...Yes, I saw Michael Scott and Dwight Schroot singing it last week. That was drop dead funny. So is watching me sing it in the car, but I do it every time.

22. My Immortal - Evanescence...Her voice is "captivating".

21. Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams...I love Bryan Adams music. I wonder if I love this song because I have always secretly wanted to be a front man for a rock band...despite the fact that I can't sing.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fresh Peeps are Bad...Top 50, Part 5

Last night Claire and I had the pleasure of eating the Peeps that we cut open to get stale a full 2 weeks before Easter. They were wonderful. Fully of chewy goodness. I asked Claire why she thought stale Peeps were so much better than fresh ones...

Claire: "I don't know. I think it has to do with the airiness. Yea, that is probably it. They taste more airy."
Bogart: "Mmmm hummmm." Nodding in agreement. "And who does not like air."


If you have to know, they were yellow flavor just like the picture.


Driving in the car last week, my Goddaughter says to her mom:

Emma: "Mom, Bogart is the best....what is he again?"
Stace: "Bogart? What is he to you?"
Emma: "Yes, what is he to me?"
Stace: "He is your Godfather."
Emma: "Oh yea. Mom, Bogart is the best Godfather ever."

How frigg'n blessed am I?


Top 50, Part 5

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

30. The Girls in their Summer Dresses - Airborne Toxic this song from a friend of mine in LA (Now in Boston)...Big fan, so thanks!

29. Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland...We used to watch Wizard of Oz over and over and younger siblings could not get enough. I could not get enough of Judy...I just am sad that she produced such a weird off-spring. But I can forgive her b/c of this song.

28. She's Mine - Brett Dennen...My buddy Neil introduced me to Brett Dennen last year. I have been hooked ever since. Sure, his politics are VERY DIFFERENT than mine, but his voice has a certain quality that makes it hard for me not to enjoy his music.

27. You'll Accomp'ny Me - Bob Seger...I think his Greatest Hits album has gotten more rotation in my car CD player than any other CD. Yup, pretty sure of it.

26. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional...What? I dig sappy love songs. And, well, she has. (As an aside, I saw the video for the first time yesterday and it was filmed about 2 miles from where I lived in SD. I like it even more now!)

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silverware in the Pancake Drawer...Top 50 Part 4

There are not many things in the world that make people happier than Brinner. You know, breakfast for dinner...Brinner. I lived with my father and step-mother through most of elementary school and for 4 months one spring, she moved to Moscow to study Russian (yea, I know...super useful, eh?). While she was gone, dad was Mr. Mom...he cleaned the house, made our lunches, took us to school and cooked us dinner. Dinners during those four months often took the form of brinner. Sure, we had standard meals like "Beans 'n Meat", which was refried beans mixed with hamburger in one pot...or spaghetti...but 3 or 4 nights each week we would get bisquick pancakes and bacon...or cereal...Brinner nights rocked.

Last night was Brinner night at my place. Claire came over after work and we had pancakes and maple bacon. Usually I will make my family's recipe for pancakes from scratch. We all make them. They are as big as the pan (bigger the better we think) and thin, almost like a crepe, but not. Put some butter on them, followed by maple syrup, then roll into a burrito shape and eat. MMMMM Wonderful.

We did not make those last night. We made thick flap jacks. Jaime Oliver's recipe. They were good, especially when I spread some peanut butter on them.

Brinner my friends, is fantastilicious.


Top 50 Continued...Part 4

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

35. Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik...Sure it got way too much play in college, but that did nothing to diminish my appreciation for the taste of "saline when I kiss away your tears."

34. Machinehead - Bush...Great drum beat driven by that hard charging guitar. Works well to fire you up before a game...much like DMX.

33. Drops of Jupiter - Train...I have no idea what this song is about, but I love it. I am sure that with the windows up and the radio cranked, I can sound just like this guy.

32. Open Arms - Journey...I know, cheesy, but c'mon how could you not love this song. And Steve Perry's voice is so dreamy.

31. The End of the Innocence - Don Henley...The Eagles and the Don Henley's solo career created such great music. Consistently great. There are so many of his songs that could easily appear on this list. This just happens to be my

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Romantic Polygimists Debate Evolution...Top 50, part 3

On Friday I took Claire to the luxurious picnic spot Mount Trashmore. Despite its name, it is really a nice place to have a picnic and fly a that is exactly what we did.


I went and saw Ben Stein's new movie Expelled this weekend. It was an interesting look at how the science community is violently against any discussion regarding the Intelligent Design theory. This theory at its most basic states that life is so complex, there must have been some sort of intelligent design at the start.

Frankly, the movie was not that great (Confession: I am not a huge documentary film fan). There were some interesting points brought up, but much like Michael Moore's films, it was clearly given a propaganda feel. Is it good to be asking these questions? Yes, of course. Macro Evolution is itself, just a theory, despite what your biology teacher told you. It is completely and ridiculously silly that the majority in the scientific community won't even allow a discussion regarding ID. With that being said, interspersing shots of Hitler and the concentration camps with interviews of scientific researchers seemed, at the very least, inflammatory...but I guess that is what documentary film making has become.


Last week, my brother and I were having a very long discussion about an interesting topic...Polygamy.

One question came out of it and I wanted to ask y'all...

Do you think Polygamy happens more than we realize? Are there more polygamists running around in America than the small groups we see on the nightly news?

Really curious.

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

Top 50, Part 3...

40. Pay Me My Money Down - Bruce Springsteen...Some friends and I took a golf trip a few years ago...of course, there was the requisite betting on golf shots, rounds, and anything else you could think of. If you won a bet on the course you had to sing the chorus of this song and dance a jig to collect your winnings...I still do a jig when I hear it.

39. America the Beautiful - Ray Charles...Yes, I am a bit patriotic and think that this should be the national anthem. If I ever make it to congress, I pledge to sponsor a bill to make it so.

38. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong...Just watching "Pops" sing this makes me smile...and the song itself is just so wonderful. A portion of this song will appear again later!

37. Jessie - Joshua Kadison...I don't know what it is about this song, but I get a kick out of it. Maybe I like the story? Maybe I like Joshua's voice? Maybe I like the electronic instruments? Maybe I love stringy, long haired singers playing piano in the desert?

36. The Weight - The Band...Yet another story song. Maybe there is a theme here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Itchy Back and Sexy Back...Top 50 Cntd

I went to the Dollar Store today to find a kite for my date with Claire tonight.

While I was there, I overheard the following conversation between two employees (in full view/earshot of the customers):

Lady 1 (aka BoxCutter): Did you just fart?
Lady 2 (aka Proper Lady): Hell yes. When ya gots to, ya gots to.
BoxCutter: Good thing. I thought you poohed your pants in the store.
Proper Lady: Ha. That would be funny though. And I would get to go home early.


Yes, that really happened. Verbatim. I made sure to remember it for this blog.

Why was Lady 1 also known as BoxCutter? Well, when I asked her where *Claire's Surprise* was, she led me to the aisle while proceeding to scratch her back with the blade of box cutter. No, not the handle end. Yes, with the RAZORBLADE itself.


(And no, they did not sell what I was looking for. I ended up buying the kite at Walmart)


My Top 50 (#'s 50-46 Here)...45-41

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

45. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam...I know this is a remake, but I think Eddie Vedder's voice is so perfect for this song.

44. Creed - Third Day...One of my favorites off of their live worship album. Not only does it, very simply, lay out the Christian faith, but dude can flat sing. Love those is a theme on my list.

43. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin...I thought I would rank this MUCH higher, but it has not been quite as wonderful as it used to be for me. Still a favorite, but not like it was.

42. Sexyback - Justin Timberlake...I might rock out and jump around a bit when this comes on. I am bobbing my head and grooving a bit just writing this now. It is also a fantastic song to run to. Go on Justin...get your sexy on.

41. Right to Be Wrong - Joss Stone...I am very critical of voices. It takes a lot to impress me. Joss Stone, may simply be one of the best in the biz...and I expect that her career, while maybe not commercially, but certainly musically, may end up being one of the most influential ones. Don't believe me? Just check out a couple of her other videos on You Tube. He voice will blow you away.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SD, Best Yogurt Ever, and the Top 50

San Diego is the best and I am loving my time here. My brother and I went to a ball game last night, sat right on the field (see the picture on the right), and had a blast.

We even got a baseball from Josh Bard, the Padres starting catcher. Sure, that is ball number 24 for me, but that never gets old.


Just take in the greatness that is my Yogurt Adventure earlier this week:

And if you are wondering, I had the Caramel Dream and Peanut Butter with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups mixed in.


The official start of my top 50 begins today...You got parts 1, 2, and 3 last week, but they were additions. Songs that Mattered in College, Songs that Mattered Growing Up, and Songs that I Should Like, but Hate.

Fair warning, I love me some music. I grew up with it around the house constantly. It lifts my moods (or, like some songs by Sarah McLachlan, drop them). I don't drive in the car without it. Often times, if you see me on the freeway I might look like this...really, just ask Claire.

You will see a very eclectic mix on this list. R&B and Country don't show up much, but you will see some Rap, Dance, Classic Rock, Top 40, and even some classical type. I am sure most of you don't really care, but I have had a lot of fun coming up with the list so I thought I would share.
As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

#50 - Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon...I love this song. I love drinking Pina Colada's, so I am sure that helps.

#49 - Bellagio Italia (Time to Say Goodbye) - Andre Bocelli & Sara Brightman...Amazing song. Both of their voices make this song crazy good. Sometimes when it comes on I stop what I am doing, close my eyes and just listen. I seem to do that a lot. I might have a problem. And yes, if you are wondering, Bocelli is blind.

#48 - Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis...Thank you Goose for showing me the greatness of this song. And thank you Jerry for making it better.

#47 - Man in the Box - Alice in Chains...I love this song. Okay, I love all these songs, but for some reason I rock out pretty hard here. I don't know why, but I even change my voice to try and sound like him. I am a dork.

#46 - I Can't Make You Lolve Me - Bonnie Raitt...Remember when I mentioned about songs that can bring your mood down? This is one of them, but sometimes that can be a good thing.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Ever have one of those conflicted is a moment of happiness and pride. Makes your heart overflow with good feelings and pushing the corners of your lips so high you are smiling like the Joker? But in that very same instant, you heart is also in your stomach. Tears are in your eyes and you just want to curl up in a ball...

I had one of those yesterday during my visit to San Diego.

At my best friend's birthday party, his eldest daughter, my Goddaughter, says "Bogart, I am so happy you are here. I love when you are here."

Pride wells up, big smile, oh so happy.

Then, this five year-old daggers me like an old pro..."But I wish you did not live so far away. It makes me very sad that you are not here a lot."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ah Cali and the 5 Popular Songs I Hate

So good to be back in SoCal. When I left P-Towne, it was 45 degrees and nasty. I landed in SoCal and it is 75/mostly sunny. Now that is what I'm talking about.


Got an email from Claire early this morning. As I am making plans to sit in the sun and work on my tan, she was only able to stay outside for a couple of hours today. She said:

"I am heading back to the hotel. I stuck it out as long as I could. I am done! It is very rainy and cold. I am going to lay in bed and watch movies. Yuck!"

Not what she was hoping for on her off day.


I started my music posts this week with Songs That Mattered in College and Songs That Mattered Growing I will continue with Songs That I Should Like But Don't:

1. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood...she has a cool voice and she is very pretty, but I can't change the station fast enough when it comes on.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen...I know, great song, good to sing along to, funny movie...blah, blah, blah...Freddy Mercury could flat out sing, but this song is just too much.

3. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana...MTV said it was the greatest song of all time. I think it is just "great" because dude is dead. The song is overplayed, overhyped, and overliked. Now, Paul Anka does a great cover of it though! No really, he does.

4. Just about anything Toni Braxton does. I don't know why, but she drives me nuts. Unbreak your own dang heart. Here is some glue, I don't want to hear it.

5. Wonderwall - Oasis...When this song came out it was hailed as one of the greatest songs of all time. Hooey. These two brothers should just punch each other in the face and go away.

6. Imagine - John Lennon...I know, it is beloved. I know, it has "great" lyrics. I know, it is John Freak'n Lennon man. Does not matter. Shut up and get a hair cut you hippie.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Note From Claire and More Music

Claire is off with the Navy right now, but we got some very cool emails this weekend from her. Thought I would share an excerpt from one of them:

"Right now I am sitting in a surreally green wood. Can I say that? Surreally? Anyway, it is. Everything is green, from the grass to the rocks to the trees. And I do mean the trees, not the leaves. The trunks, branches, everything. A soft coating of moss seems to have settled on everything, like some oddly bewitched forest. There are a ton of birds. Nests all in the trees, but only on one side of the lake...I toured the canning museum. It was interesting and they still smoke the brisling on site. They put a rod through the heads and smoke them over an oak fire. I got to pull one off the rod and pull the bones out and eat it, right out of the smoker! I have no idea what the old smoker man was saying, but he ate one to, so I figure its ok and I still feel fine."

How cool does that sound?


I miss her just a little bit.


As I mentioned yesterday, my undertaking of my Top 50 Songs was very difficult, so I decided that I should have a couple of lists. The Top 50 will debut songs, but here is a list of songs that mattered growing up:

1. Whip It - Devo...My father listened to music constantly. You will see a number of songs in the Top 50, as well as on this list, that were played in regular rotation in his house. This one just stuck with me then and has continued to make me happy when I hear it. The hook is sweet and the video rocks. How many times did you put a plant pot on your head after watching the video? C'mon, you know you did, I was not the only one.

2. Ice, Ice, Baby - Vanilla Ice...No shame on this list. To this day, I can recite the lyrics acapella. Did I mention that not only can I, but often do. It is a great motivational song when you need to run just one more mile...Just ask Claire.

3. Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers + Dolly Parton...Okay, this one hurts to put on here. Yes, I still know all the words. Yes, I am sitting here singing this like I am performing on the stage with the two of them as I type this. Shut up KP, I know you have songs like this too. Listen, stop laughing. I have 4 sisters and they were in love with Dirty Dancing. The album was constantly playing while we drove the 12-passenger van (The Kumquat Carrier) anywhere. I guess I could have put She's Like the Wind by Patrick Swayze. Would that have been better?

4. I Need Love - LL Cool J...7th grade I would fall asleep playing this song over and over on a little portable tape player. To think that I was singing this song at 12-13 years old...oh man.

5. Breakfast in America - Supertramp...Seemingly every Saturday was chores day with my father. He would put on this entire album and we would clean. Other songs that stick out from our Saturday cleaning include Just What I Needed - The Cars and, well, pretty much anything on 101.5 KGB FM ROCKS SAN DIEGO.

6. Enter Sandman - Metallica..."Be careful with that music. Lot's of kids are getting into it and killing themselves." That is, word-for-word the very short speech I got when I bought this tape at Sam Goody. Classy, no? This is when I needed to start getting away from "HIS" music and the bubblegum stuff "KIDS" listened to. Real men listen to Metallica.

7. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin...One of the top songs of all time and probably should be in my top 50, but it fell...My buddy Craig and I each had Led Zeppelin 4 on tape. We would take our Walkmans and try to sync them so that we were listening to the songs at the exact same time. Why? Cause we cool like dat.

8. Paul Revere - Beastie Boys..."Hey Grandma, want to hear a song I learned?" Yes, I rapped for Gma and Gpa, you know, the Reverend and his wife...she might have shifted in her seat when the line "The sheriff's after me for what I did to his daughter. I did it like this, I did it like that, I did it with a whiffleball bat" came out of this 9-year old boys mouth...They were cool enough to let me finish. "I grabbed two girlies and beer that's cold."

9. Africa - Toto...We had an exchange student or two in the 80's. They introduced me to the greatness that is Toto. Thank you Scrubs for bringing it back! "mmmm, mango body butter."

Monday, April 7, 2008

Culinary Delights and a Big Undertaking

What a great weekend...Flew to Detroit on Saturday morning, watched 5 & 6 year olds practice hitting for their T-Ball team, went to Comerica Park to see a ball game, and then out with some buddies to cook dinner and watch the final 4. When I say "cook dinner" I mean "create a meal" cause we ate like kings!

We started of with homemade bread that was fresh from the oven. Cooked like a flat bread, we had Artichoke Parmesan, Kosher Salt and Garlic, and Honey Wheat with red onion & seasonings. That was just the first course. We also had Jamaican Jerk chicken (grilled up real nice-like), Garlic Roasted Parmesan Red Potatoes, Sweet Honey Garlic Corn, and grilled burgers made with diced green apples and red onions, served on a potato bun with a nice slice of brie.

Why did we eat like that? Cause dat's how we roll.


Consider this a warning: When in a strange town (no, Detroit is not strange, just foreign and very scary), do not call up the local Thai place and order their food "Extra Spicy". I powered through Pad Thai noodles, extra-spicy, but I was sweating in places I did not know had sweat glands. My eyes were watery, my ears were ringing, and I saw visions of little blue men dancing on my food. Not sure if they were real or not, but nobody else seemed to see them. Is that bad?


I promised last week to start naming my top 50 songs and, as predicted by my inspiration YourBeardisGood, it has become very difficult to trim down the list. I thought 100 would be way to aggressive an undertaking, but now I am wishing I could do a top 500. However, in deference to the fact that very few of you really even care about my musical tastes, I will keep it at 50, but add a couple of additional lists along the way...starting today.

My first list of songs are songs that mattered in college. In college I played a lot of sports, ate a lot of good food, enjoyed practical joke wars with my roommates, and listened to A LOT of music. Now, there are more than this, but some of them will appear on the Top 50, and others just don't need to be shared ;-). Here are some of the songs that I loved back then:
1. Roll to Me - Del Amitri ...This song, all 2 minutes of it, is one that I still sing very loudly every time it comes on. Why? I dunno, I just like it. You will see this theme throughout my entire list.

2. Cool Like That - Digible Planets...I have always been a fan of music and had a very eclectic ear, but these guys really stretched what I thought music should be. Mixing Jazz with R&B, well, rocks!

3. I'm Gonna Be - Proclaimers...Every time I hear this song I think of my college girlfriend. We dated for 4 years and listened to a lot of music, but for some reason this is the song I think of. Go figure.

4. Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn...I hate disco. With a passion I hate disco, but I love this song. Every time I hear it I am taken back to this little Mexican restaurant in La Mesa California. Why? Well, on Friday and Saturday nights it turned into a club, a club that I was a bouncer in during college. This song was played a couple times every week and, along with DMX Party Up and House of Pain - Jump Around, always teleports me back (and makes me turn up the volume).

5. Hand in My Pocket - Alanis Morissette...My buddy Craig used to say that if he wanted an album, all he had to do was mention to me that it was good and I would go buy it. I think I was 500 CD's deep when I graduated from college (is that a lot?)...this song may not be my favorite on the album, but it is representative of the fact that is got more rotation than just about any other during my sophomore year.

6. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls...I still sing this song, eyes closed, reflecting (I think we all do a lot of that in college, right?). Other songs like that, Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows and Eric Clapton - Change the World.

7. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith...Quick, can you name the only song that Aerosmith has put to the top of the charts? No, nothing off of PUMP (although there is some good music there), it is this song from Armageddon. How crazy is that? A phenomenal rock band with outstanding music from start to finish, getting their only #1 hit on a love ballad. Anyway, I loved the movie (I know, cheesy), and still get a kick out of sappy love least I did not pick My Heart Will Go On.

8. Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind...Knotts Scary Farm, 1997. Lot's of people in Halloween costumes jumping and dancing at a Third Eye Blind rocked! Bought the album, but ended up mainly just listening to this one song, a lot.

9. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems - The Notorious B.I.G....Cause Biggy speaks the truth...along with Hypnotize and Coolio's Gangsta' Paradise these songs brought in the "gansta' lean" for this volleyball playing beach bum.

10. Hold My Hand - Hootie and the Blowfish...I saw this video on MTV the day it debuted. I went right out to Sam Goody and bought the entire album. Remember Sam Goody? I still love this entire record.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Pictures and a Hawk Attacks...No, Seriously

Promised some pics to my mom and, here you go...

Here are Teddy, Steve and me at one of the ballgames during Spring Training...

Claire and I went whale cold as it was, it was still a good day...

The long ago promised shots from snowmobiling...we had a blast and hope to make it an annual event. It was Claire's first time seeing large amounts of snow. Can you see how happy she is? Well, was until she had to find a place to pee in the middle of the Michigan wilderness. She almost died when she fell into a rushing creek. Really, it was not so much rushing as sort of sauntering by and it was only 2 inches deep, but you can drown in 2 inches.
Who knew flying into Detroit would be so very cool?

During our trip to San Diego, we had so much fun. We got to eat dinner with my father and step-mother at my favorite restaurant...

We toured the sights, enjoyed the weather, and were so comfortable in my old stomping grounds...

Back in February we hit Vegas up for a wedding...Claire and I had so much fun, not just at the wedding, but tooling around Vegas with her family. The bride was beautiful, the food was plentiful, and company was perfect.

Okay, that is it for now. I promise to do a better job including pictures of our travels as we do them.
And if you have stuck with me this long, I had to pass this along...
File this under "Is This a Joke"...Hawk attacks girl on school tour of Fenway

I know, it sucks and this poor girl is probably going to be in therapy...we might even see a "Where Are They Now" segment in a few years...but the headline is enough to make me laugh.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

To Hell We Go

I am concerned. Very concerned. I have received confirmation that we are headed for the proverbial hand-basket. Yup. It is true. Our speed has even increased over the past couple of years.

I was watching TV last night. (Don't ask what I was watching, I have already made one TV watching confession and there is no chance that I will be making another today.) Mainly baseball, but *another show caught my interest. It is while watching that *other show that I learned the following fact:

The cute girls on Deal or No Deal. You know, the ones that wear matchy dresses and hold cases with dollar amounts in them. They work 3-6 days a week and 5 months a year...making "WELL INTO THE 6 FIGURES"!!!

Holy sheep's blood batman. Seriously, I need to start working out, get some fake boobs and make a run at it. Think there is room for a 6'5 lady with killer thighs?


Please know, I never fault somone for the amount of money they make. A lot of people have jobs that pay them a lot of money and, well, don't seem from the outside to "earn it"...Good for them. They are examples of the greatness of capitalism...but this one shook me to my core.

Almost makes me want to really hit that gym. I am not kidding.


Just after I finish this danish and grande caramel frappe...


This Deal or No Deal thing is making me think of my favorite Halloween costume from last very good friend Stacey dressed up like Howie Mandel and two of the computer programers she works with were the "pretty girls". You can see the pics here...

Does make me ask myself if that is what I would look like. Note to self, if you are going to be a pretty girl, shave your chest.


Woke up this morning, checked my email, and then got out of bed...yes, in that order. Aren't email phones fantastic!

I had a nice little surprise, Claire had emailed from Europe. She watched 4 different movies on the flight (Quick reviews...Sweeney Todd - Okay, I get it, he killed people and made it bloody. I get the point...Atonement - Really good. You should rent it while I am gone Bogart...I Am Legend - Eh, nothing special...Golden Compass - Watched it b/c of the controversy. Very Harry Potter-esque, but not as good.), has a great hotel room, and is looking forward to stomping through town.

So with a smile on my face and a skip in my step (what? I just heard from my lady.) I went and made coffee and toast. Just as I was sitting down to watch baseball highlights and eat breakfast, my celly rings...WOOOOHOOOO IT IS THE LADY.

Nice surprise to start a nice day. Maybe these two weeks won't be so bad after all.


Sarah, I will save you the time, I sicken myself sometimes. Yes, we are one of those couples...ick.


Finally found my camera know, the one where I keep the battery charger and computer hook-up...I will be able to load some pictures today and get a run-down on the blog Friday. Don't worry mom and Janet...they are coming.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Champagne, or Shom-Pon

April Champagne (Shom-Pon) was was the little bit of fun Scarlett and I had yesterday. I guess if you don't read both blogs you would have been a little...or a lot...confused. Either way, happy April Fools or Champagne...


Thanks Scarlett...I, for one had fun.


As the April Champagne post indicated, Claire does leave today for 2 weeks. Her commitment to the US Navy includes 2 weeks a year, and these are the two weeks. She flys out today for a super secret location for super secret Navy Reserve things. Neither one of us are real stoked about the two weeks w/o contact, but she should have a good time and I will be staying busy.


One of the benefits of my job is the golf with clients that is a semi-regular occurrence. Today I am off to Virginia Beach National for a round. The wind will wreck havoc with the ball, so it should be interesting.


Next week, while in SoCal, I am going to start posting my top 50 songs of all time. This was inspired by RS27 over at Your Beard is Good. His list was very eclectic. I have always been proud of the variety of music that I appreciate and love, but very clearly his tastes wider than mine. The list will be my 50 favorites, not necessarily the 50 greatest. I guess that is all subjective anyway.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ice Cream and Hot Crotch

I first met Big Daddy when we were in college. He lived in the apartment next to mine. If you knocked on my roommate's wall, you were knocking on his roommate's wall. At first, there was no attraction between us....well, he was attracted to me but I had my head up my butt and wasn't aware of the cutie that lived next door. We were friends but for the most part, I thought he was the goofy nerd boy who always needed to barrow our phone book. However, over time, we became great friends, in fact. Because I wasn't interested in him as far as dating goes, the fact that he had glasses that made his eye huge, or that he had to breathe through his mouth, or even that he couldn't eat ice cream with out putting it in the microwave for 20 seconds (if he didn't it would give him sores in his mouth), didn't bother me. The sexual attraction was zero so what did I care if he was a super nerd.

One hot summer night the four of us, Curli, Brent, Big Daddy and I, decided to get ice cream. I drove and Curli rode shot-gun. The boys were in the back, which I still think is funny. Anyway, we got our ice cream and started driving home...just talking and laughing and eating our wonderfully cold ice cream. I heard Curli giggling under breath, then she got a look of pride over her face. Before I had the chance to ask what she was thinking, she said, "Hey, Big Daddy, can you eat your ice-cream now, or do you have to wait until we get home so you can heat it up?" Brent, Curli, and I all burst out laughing. Big Daddy had just professed his love for me a few nights earlier and I had to tell him that I didn't think of him that way. Even though I wasn't interested in dating him I was still concerned that my rejection coupled with Curli's comment may have hurt his feelings...however, I still laughed because it was funny and I couldn't help myself. I glanced at Big Daddy in the rear view mirror to see if he looked embarrassed. I saw his head quickly turn to the window and then right back to the passenger seat. Without hesitating and in a very matter of fact tone he said, "Well, actually, I just held it to my crotch and it melted!"

There was something about Big Daddy's reply that changed my feelings for him...not because of the crotch hot enough to melt ice cream thing, although it did peak my curiosity, but because of how witty he was. I thought, "Yeah, so he loves having tons of keys, and he does math in his head for fun, and okay, he likes to use big words all the time, but he can take a joke, makes me laugh and he has a good heart." After that night, I started to see him a little differently....maybe it was because I kept staring at his crotch, or maybe it was because for the first time, I could see myself dating him.

Have a great day!