Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowmobile 2010

Two weeks ago, Claire and I met up in Detroit to go snowmobiling with some good friends of ours. We went two years ago with them and were anxious to renew the tradition.

We flew up Friday night, drove 3 hours north and stayed in a 3 bedroom condo. We spent most of Saturday out in the woods, zipping around.
On Sunday, the girls decided to take a break and hit the spa for massages and Mani/Pedi...the guys went out and jumped the snowmobiles. It is amazing to be going 75mph on the snow and then hitting a bump.

Such a great trip. We are so thankful for Robert and Jeff setting it up. Claire and I are so blessed.
We got a foot of snow in Norfolk this past weekend. It made for a great couple of days of snow play...pics up later this week.
I know Y'all are rooting for the Saints this weekend, right? I love Peyton as much as anyone, but it is the Saints! Drew Breeeezzzzzzz....


Anonymous said...

Of course we love Peyton here in the Big Easy, but "It's our time now!" WHO DAT!
J in L-towne

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad you had fun. :)


Debra W said...

Great pictures! You two look so happy. That makes me happy, too!

Just wanted to pop over to see how you are doing and to say hello!