Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liv'n on the Road

So the trip was awesome! It really was...but that was no surprise. After all these years, it has not lost an ounce of its luster...if anything, Spring Training has become even better.


The new job has been great. No, I am not enjoying ironing every day, but the human interaction in the office is a nice change. After 4+ years of working from home, I am in the land of normal people almost every day.


The thing that has been tough...no, not just the shaving every morning...but that the office is in KC and I am living in Virginia. The commute (fly out on Monday and home on Friday) is one thing, but eating out every meal is getting tiresome.

I miss cooking.


Have you seen Modern Family yet? If not, you should. Thanks William for turning me on...and for introducing me to that show.


WILLIAM said...

FLyza Minelli.

Cocotte said...

I still chuckle at the thought of Clive Bixby! GREAT show.