Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trip Recap

Congrats to my sister Esther and her husband Brock for making such a beautiful baby. Last Wednesday, Samuel James came into this world. Esther had a very quick labor and gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy. He is the second baby in the family and the first boy....I am thinking a good nickname for him will be Sammy J, but I sorta like the hip-hop version SamJam. Congratulations sis, I love you. Welcome to the world Little Sammy J.


I mentioned that Claire and I were in Las Vegas last week for a wedding. Claire's childhood best friend Carrie got married to a really cool guy at Red Rocks Canyon. It was a very nice ceremony and we had a lot of fun. Congratulations Carrie and Jason.

We spent the rest of the weekend touring around Vegas with Claire's family (sans her youngest sister). They had never been to sin city, so it was very cool to show them around and experience all the stuff with them. We saw Spamalot, ate good meals, visited the Hoover Dam, saw a chocolate factory, and generally had a great time. Too bad I lost $20 to Claire's father on the Superbowl. Stupid, San Diego hating Eli Manning.


We had one little mishap and I don't know how to deal with it...we were walking around the Rio hotel, waiting for their little Mardi Gras show (Claire and her family is from a small town just outside of New Orleans), and we came across some modeling photos I took in college.

I had no idea that those pictures were still floating around and were still being used for promotional purposes. All I could say was "I was young and I needed the money!"

I know, it is weak. I should not have used my body for profit, but it was the one asset I had. Little did I know that it would come back to bite me.

Don't let the smile on Claire's face fool you. She is deeply concerned that her man is lusted after by women the world over. It is disturbing to me as well, but what can I do. I only put the photo on here to show that I am truly sorry for any pain this little "modeling" phase of my life might have caused.


We spent the rest of the week working at a conference. Nothing fun there. Just work and good food. Okay, there was some fun, including an amazing dinner that I had at Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel. Holy carp batman, that was good. The two things that were memorable were the Salmon Carpachio with a Miso Wasabi sause and the Black Cod on Butter Lettuce. Yes, it was a bit pricey, but sooooo worth it. I will go back!!!


Claire then met me in San Diego for the weekend...we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (Pamplemousse Grille) with my father, toured San Diego, had lunch with some great friends, then went wine tasting and had dinner with even more friends. Did I mention it was 70 and sunny both days we were there? Shocker, eh?


Did you know that M&M's had Elvis impersonators working for them? Neither did I had to pose with him. Thank you...thank you very much.


♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

oh my - hilarious!!!


i knew you looked familiar!



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

VANILLA is going to undo our budding friendship? Who new a "flavor" could cause such discord.

I'm so sad.

You really think a Vegas show could make me lke the Beatles? I'll give it a go next time we head to Sin City. Last time we saw Zumanity - an adult show by Cirque du soleil. Who knew couples could MOVE that way...together?


Schell Family said...

Congratulations Esther and Brock - he is so cute! Best wishes on your growing family :)!

So, after all the fun we had this weekend, we get a one line entry...I know where we stand!

kpellatiro said...

Nicely done sir...

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

When you say you went to a chocolate factory, do you mean a real factory that produces chocolate, or is that some kinky after hours club? It was Vegas after all.

Bogart in P Towne said...

a-licious -- Thanks...I get that a lot!

WWofW -- It is not just any is Vanilla, God's gift to man. And yes, the Beatles Love show is soooo very good. I have not seen Zumanity, but after my parents called it a "live sex acts show" I think I will probably avoid it.

Schell Fam -- At least you got a seperate entry...think about the people at the US Grant who had us for two full days. They did not get nary a mention...

KP -- Thanks.

Scarlett -- Real chocolate, but it could be a pretty cool name for a club...Come to The Chocolate Facory and have all of your wildest desires and cravings fulfilled. Hmmmm, maybe that is my ticket to a million bucks!