Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silverware in the Pancake Drawer...Top 50 Part 4

There are not many things in the world that make people happier than Brinner. You know, breakfast for dinner...Brinner. I lived with my father and step-mother through most of elementary school and for 4 months one spring, she moved to Moscow to study Russian (yea, I know...super useful, eh?). While she was gone, dad was Mr. Mom...he cleaned the house, made our lunches, took us to school and cooked us dinner. Dinners during those four months often took the form of brinner. Sure, we had standard meals like "Beans 'n Meat", which was refried beans mixed with hamburger in one pot...or spaghetti...but 3 or 4 nights each week we would get bisquick pancakes and bacon...or cereal...Brinner nights rocked.

Last night was Brinner night at my place. Claire came over after work and we had pancakes and maple bacon. Usually I will make my family's recipe for pancakes from scratch. We all make them. They are as big as the pan (bigger the better we think) and thin, almost like a crepe, but not. Put some butter on them, followed by maple syrup, then roll into a burrito shape and eat. MMMMM Wonderful.

We did not make those last night. We made thick flap jacks. Jaime Oliver's recipe. They were good, especially when I spread some peanut butter on them.

Brinner my friends, is fantastilicious.


Top 50 Continued...Part 4

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

35. Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik...Sure it got way too much play in college, but that did nothing to diminish my appreciation for the taste of "saline when I kiss away your tears."

34. Machinehead - Bush...Great drum beat driven by that hard charging guitar. Works well to fire you up before a game...much like DMX.

33. Drops of Jupiter - Train...I have no idea what this song is about, but I love it. I am sure that with the windows up and the radio cranked, I can sound just like this guy.

32. Open Arms - Journey...I know, cheesy, but c'mon how could you not love this song. And Steve Perry's voice is so dreamy.

31. The End of the Innocence - Don Henley...The Eagles and the Don Henley's solo career created such great music. Consistently great. There are so many of his songs that could easily appear on this list. This just happens to be my

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rs27 said...

I like French Toast for dinner. Its the tops.

Whatever happened to Duncan Cheik?

Katelin said...

Mmmmbrinner, love it. Pancakes are delcious, but I would never had thought of adding peanut butter, interesting.

for a different kind of girl said...

I adore brinner. I was actually thinking of making brinner tonight, for you can never go wrong with pancakes.

Well, I can. I can't seem to make pancakes correctly once I pour them onto the griddle. I can't screw up waffles, though!

As for the songs - it's as if you have lifted my iPod. The world needs more Steve Perry.

WILLIAM said...

I think Brinner is the best. But I also think that breakfast sausage should be served with every meal.

Bogart in P Towne said...

RS27 - I think they call that da bomb.

Katelin - Buttermilk pancakes or eggo waffles...both rock the house with PB on them!

DKG - I hope you did make Brinner.

William - Growing up I hated sausage...that has changed.

Laura B. said...

MMmmmm....I love Breakfast for dinner or even breakfast for lunch! Now you've got me thinking about pancakes and bacon for dinner...darn you Bogart!!! ;-)