Monday, April 21, 2008

Romantic Polygimists Debate Evolution...Top 50, part 3

On Friday I took Claire to the luxurious picnic spot Mount Trashmore. Despite its name, it is really a nice place to have a picnic and fly a that is exactly what we did.


I went and saw Ben Stein's new movie Expelled this weekend. It was an interesting look at how the science community is violently against any discussion regarding the Intelligent Design theory. This theory at its most basic states that life is so complex, there must have been some sort of intelligent design at the start.

Frankly, the movie was not that great (Confession: I am not a huge documentary film fan). There were some interesting points brought up, but much like Michael Moore's films, it was clearly given a propaganda feel. Is it good to be asking these questions? Yes, of course. Macro Evolution is itself, just a theory, despite what your biology teacher told you. It is completely and ridiculously silly that the majority in the scientific community won't even allow a discussion regarding ID. With that being said, interspersing shots of Hitler and the concentration camps with interviews of scientific researchers seemed, at the very least, inflammatory...but I guess that is what documentary film making has become.


Last week, my brother and I were having a very long discussion about an interesting topic...Polygamy.

One question came out of it and I wanted to ask y'all...

Do you think Polygamy happens more than we realize? Are there more polygamists running around in America than the small groups we see on the nightly news?

Really curious.

As a disclaimer, these songs are my favorite. I don't necessarily consider them the best songs ever, but they are songs that I turn the radio up EVERY TIME they come on. I sing them loud. I know all the words. They make me happy.

Top 50, Part 3...

40. Pay Me My Money Down - Bruce Springsteen...Some friends and I took a golf trip a few years ago...of course, there was the requisite betting on golf shots, rounds, and anything else you could think of. If you won a bet on the course you had to sing the chorus of this song and dance a jig to collect your winnings...I still do a jig when I hear it.

39. America the Beautiful - Ray Charles...Yes, I am a bit patriotic and think that this should be the national anthem. If I ever make it to congress, I pledge to sponsor a bill to make it so.

38. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong...Just watching "Pops" sing this makes me smile...and the song itself is just so wonderful. A portion of this song will appear again later!

37. Jessie - Joshua Kadison...I don't know what it is about this song, but I get a kick out of it. Maybe I like the story? Maybe I like Joshua's voice? Maybe I like the electronic instruments? Maybe I love stringy, long haired singers playing piano in the desert?

36. The Weight - The Band...Yet another story song. Maybe there is a theme here.


Step Right Up said...

Found you by way of the I'm No Belle blog. Your Go Big Red comment made me chuckle, so thought I should check out your blog.

I, too love that song of Ray Charles. It is so moving. I have the video posted on my facebook.

And yes, polygamy happens all the time in this country but with a little bit of a twist. There's no actual marriage ceremony. It's called being a Playa and being a Baby Daddy to various women's children.

Step Right Up said...
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rs27 said...

Mount Trashmore? Who named that? Oscar the Grouch?

I think Polygamy happens a lot but a lot of peeps don't mention it. Keep it on the down low

WILLIAM said...

I like Ben Stein and I was not sure how I felt about him doing this film. But I am glad someone did.

Regarding Polygamy...the whole issue confuses me.

Katelin said...

I love that you had a picnic and flew kites, so cute!

for a different kind of girl said...

Looks like you had a nice afternoon together. I haven't flown kites in forever, but plan to get some to take the boys out one of these weekends.

Bogart in P Towne said...

SRU - Thanks for stopping by...the polygamy thing had us chatting for an hour...

Commment Deleted - Fine, I did not want to talk to you anyway.

RS27 - I think you are right.

William - I agree, on both parts.

Katelin - My mom raised me right.

DKG - There are some cool ones at Walmart...I'm just say'n.

kpellatiro said...

Big fan of 38,39. When you make it to congress, can I hold you to this one? (apparently I'll be the toothless, knew you when guy - a far cry from golf buddy, grin)

You are right, its too bad documentaries went completely propaganda. I actually like some of the Moore stuff (I can still vote Rep. though, right?) - just wish there could be an objective bubble in the old VH1 style. Maybe a opposition bubble too, but you know - whatever.

Appreciate the SD throw back cap. Glad to see your trip went well. Golf trip season now...