Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Note From Claire and More Music

Claire is off with the Navy right now, but we got some very cool emails this weekend from her. Thought I would share an excerpt from one of them:

"Right now I am sitting in a surreally green wood. Can I say that? Surreally? Anyway, it is. Everything is green, from the grass to the rocks to the trees. And I do mean the trees, not the leaves. The trunks, branches, everything. A soft coating of moss seems to have settled on everything, like some oddly bewitched forest. There are a ton of birds. Nests all in the trees, but only on one side of the lake...I toured the canning museum. It was interesting and they still smoke the brisling on site. They put a rod through the heads and smoke them over an oak fire. I got to pull one off the rod and pull the bones out and eat it, right out of the smoker! I have no idea what the old smoker man was saying, but he ate one to, so I figure its ok and I still feel fine."

How cool does that sound?


I miss her just a little bit.


As I mentioned yesterday, my undertaking of my Top 50 Songs was very difficult, so I decided that I should have a couple of lists. The Top 50 will debut songs, but here is a list of songs that mattered growing up:

1. Whip It - Devo...My father listened to music constantly. You will see a number of songs in the Top 50, as well as on this list, that were played in regular rotation in his house. This one just stuck with me then and has continued to make me happy when I hear it. The hook is sweet and the video rocks. How many times did you put a plant pot on your head after watching the video? C'mon, you know you did, I was not the only one.

2. Ice, Ice, Baby - Vanilla Ice...No shame on this list. To this day, I can recite the lyrics acapella. Did I mention that not only can I, but often do. It is a great motivational song when you need to run just one more mile...Just ask Claire.

3. Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers + Dolly Parton...Okay, this one hurts to put on here. Yes, I still know all the words. Yes, I am sitting here singing this like I am performing on the stage with the two of them as I type this. Shut up KP, I know you have songs like this too. Listen, stop laughing. I have 4 sisters and they were in love with Dirty Dancing. The album was constantly playing while we drove the 12-passenger van (The Kumquat Carrier) anywhere. I guess I could have put She's Like the Wind by Patrick Swayze. Would that have been better?

4. I Need Love - LL Cool J...7th grade I would fall asleep playing this song over and over on a little portable tape player. To think that I was singing this song at 12-13 years old...oh man.

5. Breakfast in America - Supertramp...Seemingly every Saturday was chores day with my father. He would put on this entire album and we would clean. Other songs that stick out from our Saturday cleaning include Just What I Needed - The Cars and, well, pretty much anything on 101.5 KGB FM ROCKS SAN DIEGO.

6. Enter Sandman - Metallica..."Be careful with that music. Lot's of kids are getting into it and killing themselves." That is, word-for-word the very short speech I got when I bought this tape at Sam Goody. Classy, no? This is when I needed to start getting away from "HIS" music and the bubblegum stuff "KIDS" listened to. Real men listen to Metallica.

7. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin...One of the top songs of all time and probably should be in my top 50, but it fell...My buddy Craig and I each had Led Zeppelin 4 on tape. We would take our Walkmans and try to sync them so that we were listening to the songs at the exact same time. Why? Cause we cool like dat.

8. Paul Revere - Beastie Boys..."Hey Grandma, want to hear a song I learned?" Yes, I rapped for Gma and Gpa, you know, the Reverend and his wife...she might have shifted in her seat when the line "The sheriff's after me for what I did to his daughter. I did it like this, I did it like that, I did it with a whiffleball bat" came out of this 9-year old boys mouth...They were cool enough to let me finish. "I grabbed two girlies and beer that's cold."

9. Africa - Toto...We had an exchange student or two in the 80's. They introduced me to the greatness that is Toto. Thank you Scrubs for bringing it back! "mmmm, mango body butter."


for a different kind of girl said...

One summer in my youth, I rode up to a garage sale on my most beautiful orange Huffy ten-speed, walked up to a milk crate filled with LPs marked for a quarter each, and unearthed a pristine copy of "Breakfast In America". At that moment, it was like the heavens parted and a chorus of angels started sining "take a look at my girlfriend..."

I was in bliss. I played it constantly. I still have it, though today, I have no way to play it.

rs27 said...

Africa is the hardest karoake song ever. I kid you not.

Amy said...

I hope Claire is well. The last time my husband did two weeks away with the Marines was 12 years ago, and he wasn't quite my husband then! I hope the time passes quickly for you both! =)

As for these songs - memories, man!

Katelin said...

I love Africa, such a great song. And that episode of Scrubs is hilarious. "Did you use my body butter?"

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I loved Islands in the Stream. I guess that was second or third grade? Yeah, I still know the words. I'd listen to it on one of those clock radios that hat the white numbers that flip. Very cool.

WILLIAM said...

She mentioning wood and rod... I think she misses you too.

The Charming Hedonist said...

Whip It.... That'll be stuck in my head for the rest of the week!

Bogart in P Towne said...

DKG - Nice Find! It is a great album.

RS27 - I don't doubt that. There are some high notes in there.

Amy - She is good. Glad I could help with the trip down memory lane.

Katelin - Mangolicious.

OK - I miss those clocks.

William - I did not pick up on that...glad you pointed it out.

CH - Glad I could help.

kpellatiro said...

Devo. Yup - knew it. Your honest, I'll give you that :-)

I think a YouTube of Bogart doing the worm would make the Vanilla Ice reference ring true for all. I've seen and heard the man, the myth, the legend.

Islands... (teer) Love you. Nice call.

Ladies Love Cool James... you're the man. I might have heard of someone leaving Round the Way Girl on a message back in middle school.

LOVE the Africa flashback! Second time this week I have rocked out to some guy you wouldn't let near kids in the new century.

mom said...

"She's like the Wind" -REALLY???
. . . good thing you passed on that one--unbelievable you even considered it!!