Thursday, April 3, 2008

To Hell We Go

I am concerned. Very concerned. I have received confirmation that we are headed for the proverbial hand-basket. Yup. It is true. Our speed has even increased over the past couple of years.

I was watching TV last night. (Don't ask what I was watching, I have already made one TV watching confession and there is no chance that I will be making another today.) Mainly baseball, but *another show caught my interest. It is while watching that *other show that I learned the following fact:

The cute girls on Deal or No Deal. You know, the ones that wear matchy dresses and hold cases with dollar amounts in them. They work 3-6 days a week and 5 months a year...making "WELL INTO THE 6 FIGURES"!!!

Holy sheep's blood batman. Seriously, I need to start working out, get some fake boobs and make a run at it. Think there is room for a 6'5 lady with killer thighs?


Please know, I never fault somone for the amount of money they make. A lot of people have jobs that pay them a lot of money and, well, don't seem from the outside to "earn it"...Good for them. They are examples of the greatness of capitalism...but this one shook me to my core.

Almost makes me want to really hit that gym. I am not kidding.


Just after I finish this danish and grande caramel frappe...


This Deal or No Deal thing is making me think of my favorite Halloween costume from last very good friend Stacey dressed up like Howie Mandel and two of the computer programers she works with were the "pretty girls". You can see the pics here...

Does make me ask myself if that is what I would look like. Note to self, if you are going to be a pretty girl, shave your chest.


Woke up this morning, checked my email, and then got out of bed...yes, in that order. Aren't email phones fantastic!

I had a nice little surprise, Claire had emailed from Europe. She watched 4 different movies on the flight (Quick reviews...Sweeney Todd - Okay, I get it, he killed people and made it bloody. I get the point...Atonement - Really good. You should rent it while I am gone Bogart...I Am Legend - Eh, nothing special...Golden Compass - Watched it b/c of the controversy. Very Harry Potter-esque, but not as good.), has a great hotel room, and is looking forward to stomping through town.

So with a smile on my face and a skip in my step (what? I just heard from my lady.) I went and made coffee and toast. Just as I was sitting down to watch baseball highlights and eat breakfast, my celly rings...WOOOOHOOOO IT IS THE LADY.

Nice surprise to start a nice day. Maybe these two weeks won't be so bad after all.


Sarah, I will save you the time, I sicken myself sometimes. Yes, we are one of those couples...ick.


Finally found my camera know, the one where I keep the battery charger and computer hook-up...I will be able to load some pictures today and get a run-down on the blog Friday. Don't worry mom and Janet...they are coming.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What kind of Puppy will you get? I ADORE puppy breath!

Hallie :)

rs27 said...

That is a great Halloween costume idea.

I was watching the Real World Awards last night. I am now dumber for it.

for a different kind of girl said...

Upon hitting "send" on this comment, I will begin crying when I think about how hard I worked today for little financial reward, knowing that just standing around, holding a case, is so lucrative.

Of course, there is that whole looking hot thing. I bet regular salon appointments are super expensive. I guess I'm good!

Schell Family said...

Thanks for the Halloween costume nod! We had fun, but that bald cap sure made my head sweaty!

I AM SO dying to know what other show you have started watching...America's Next Top Model? Biggest Loser? Make Me a Supermodel? Come on...spill!

Bogart in P Towne said...

WWoW - Don't know yet, but I would love to grab either a Lab, a Rhodisian Ridgeback, or a of these things is not like the other.

RS27 - I loved it...the costume, not the show. You need help.

DKG - Yea, think of the money they have to spend on tanning.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Stacey - C'mon now, you know me better than that. No spilliage here.