Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Buddy Does Not Have The Clap

I have been in Nashville since Tuesday with my good buddy KP and his wife...We shot a round of golf yesterday morning and then did miscellaneous things in the afternoon. This included a visit to the doctor. See, he and his wife are going on a trip to India soon and he needed to get a referral for vaccinations. So KP says the following to me:

KP: Bogart, don't forget to bring the newspaper or the PSP to lunch...right after we eat I need to stop at the doctor's office to my vaccination for India.

In my mind, however, I heard the following:

KP: Bogart, don't forget to bring the newspaper or the PSP to lunch...right after we eat I need to stop at the doctor's office to my vaccination for Chlamydia.

I then asked him whether it was him or his wife that had the explaining to do. His quizzical look told me I had misheard.


for a different kind of girl said...

It's for conversations like this that should make a person stand up and declare, "YEAH! I have a blog! I must go BLOG now!!"

This is so smirky funny!

(Speaking of India, I'm reading Shantaram right now and it's like being in India, without bumping into tons of people)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Should we be at all concerned that you have STD's on the brain?


Becky said...

I thought that gonorrhea was the clap.

Not that I have ever had either of them, but inquiring minds do want to know these things.

In fact, I could probably cure many diseases if my mind wasn't so cluttered with useless information.

Is there a vaccination for that?

Becky, the maid

April said...

I miss-hear things all the time. Usually what I heard is much better than what was actually said. The other day I yelled at the 8 year old for telling the 10 year old to stop touching his (ship). Embarrassing.

I am not good at medical trivia but I wonder why they call it the clap? Clapping is supposed to be a good thing, shows your support for something. You would think they would call it the boo or the thumbs down.

Bogart in P Towne said...

DKG - Thanks for the laugh...

WWoW - No, I am all caught up on my shots.

Becky - You are did you konw?

April - According to Wikipedia calling it the clap is a "reference to a traditional treatment used to clear the blockage in the urethra from gonorrheal pus, where the penis would be "clapped" on both sides simultaneously" OUCH.

Katelin said...

I mishear things all the time, definitely makes for a good time, until I'm corrected.

rs27 said...

The odd thing is your probably better off getting chlamydia than going to India.

Hey oh! I'm Indian I can say that!

Kelly said...

Sometimes it amazes me what our mind can hear incorrectly! That's hysterical!

Becky said...

Dear Blogging world,

As a maid, I understand that many a disease can be picked up from toilet seats, which is why I do not sit down and I use gloves when cleaning. LOL

Bogart, my dear friend, I honestly truly know simply because this maid used to work in a very busy medical practice where I heard and saw far too many things that the average college-aged, unmarried young lady should not have seen or heard. (EEEWWWW)

If I only could tell you some of the hilarious stories, we (You, me, April and Claire) would sit for hours with the do not disturb sign on the door laughing our biscuits off.

The body is a strange and complex and disgusting thing, aint it?

(Sorry to my grammar teacher from yesteryear...for just saying "ain't.")

kpellatiro said...

These are the times I am afraid of you having a public voice. Imagine how afraid I'll be when you have a public office! (grin)

Anonymous said...

I thought chlamydia was a soup?