Friday, May 16, 2008

The Countdown

72 - Hours my work email has been down this week...ugh
61 - Times I laughed out loud while watching the office last night
32 - Years old as of Wednesday
22 - Phone calls wishing me a happy birthday
21 - Really nice comments left on my birthday post
19 - Birthday related texts
15 - Hours Claire spent flying on Tuesday to attend a 2-hour appointment on the West Coast and then back in time for my birthday.
12 - Homemade, birthday, chocolate chip cookies, no nuts, eaten in the last 10 hours.
7 - Friends at my surprise birthday dinner thrown by Claire
4 - Hours spent hanging out at the beach with Claire for my birthday afternoon
3 - Dozen oysters and wings we ate at the surprise birthday dinner
2 - Trips to the store on Thursday night for ingredients to make gluten free carrot cake for our Wii date on Friday
1 - Happy, happy man...with an upset stomach
Whew, after writing all that, I think a deserve a chocolate chip cookie, or two.


Did y'all see this?

It is about, a blogger that is getting 1 million hits a month writing about motherhood and everyday life. I have read her blog a few times and I can tell you that she is very well written.

I know that a lot of people will focus on the $40k per month she brings in due to ad revenue, but I would rather note that she has honed her abilities as a writer. Much like a good book, readers can get sucked in very easily and can't put it down.

While I am not one of dooce's regular readers, there are a couple of blogs that I check more often than I probably should. I would love to see them start generating a million hits a month. Have y'all checked out:


Lauren said...

I have to agree. I'm not a regular reader of hers either, but I am impressed with her writing ability. I'll check out those links you posted--I have yet to read any of them yet.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Awesome list! You, my friend, have an impressive set of numbers.

Love, LOVE, love me some Scarlett!!

Hallie :)

Becky said...

40K a month for blogging?

Is there such a life? Wow! :)

And yes, you deserve more is, after all, your birth week!

The Maid

Allie-gator said...

Thank God for Tums!

running to check out your recommendations now...

rs27 said...

You only ate 3 dozen oysters? I would have eaten at least 3 and a half dozen.

I don't understand the phenomenon with Dooce, but I don't understand much.

kimmy said...

That's a great list and a happy belated birthday to you! Sounds like you had a great day!

It will be about another month or so before we have "beach weather" here in Main!

Also, I think The Office might be one of the funiest shows on television!

Have a great weekend!


WILLIAM said...

Thanks for the link. The 40k that was listed was based on the opinion of a Web Advertising type of person, who calculated the number of hits and clicks and what notvs normal ad revenue. It is not a true number but I am sure it is up there.

I stop by here everyday too.

By the way you left a comment on P& B the other day that made me laugh.

April said...

You lost me at cookies. I love cookies. But I don't like tossing them.

Em said...

You're a gem! I really enjoy reading your blog and smiling when I do :)

Hadn't heard of but I've added it to my list of blogs to read each day. Me? I blog for the love of it (or as my DH says "to get out all those thoughts you think I won't listen to"... he's wrong, btw, cuz he DOES listen to all my thoughts, or, well, at least he acts like he's listening and really that's what counts, right? LOL)

I love Scarlett's blog and miss her a lot.

The blogosphere is an amazing place.

You rock, baby! Have a delicious day :)

Coffee Bean said...

Scarlett is one of my favs and where I found you! I just started reading Poop & Boogies yesterday. I miss me some Scarlett... sniff.

I have read Dooce on occasion. She is very funny! I cringe sometimes on the religion stuff though, which is why I don't read every day. I would love a million hits a month! Wow!

Actually, I love any and all hits I get!

for a different kind of girl said...

Your birthday celebration sounds like one for the books! Except for the oyster part. I'd have had to dodge those and gone straight for the cookies!

Whit said...

Hey, thanks! If I get a million hits this month I'll send you some of those cookies.

You should have told me, I would have cleaned the place up.

Mary Alice said...

Oysters, wings, AND cookies....goodness know at YOUR AGE it gets harder to eat like that without having to serve an extra half hour at the gym every day!

Debra W said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! I wish you a wonderful year ahead with lots of health, joy and laughter!

Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving me such a wise and thoughtful message. I really appreciate what you said. I used to volunteer in pastoral care at our local hospital. Very tough at times, but so incredibly rewarding.

I enjoy reading your blog and I am glad that we found one another! I love Scarlett, too. She is such a sweetie.

Have a great Sunday.


The Charming Hedonist said...

The girl spent 15 hours on a plane for you -- she MUST like you!

Becky said...

You must be having a fantabulous are noticeably absent from blogland. :)

The Maid

Bogart in P Towne said...

Lauren - The others are great, you won't be disappointed.

WWoW - Thanks...and me too!

Becky - Cookies are the best!

Allie - You are telling me.

rs27 - I would have eaten more, but in my advanced age I have to be aware of the waist-line...

Kimmy - Thanks and the Office really is great.

William - Thanks...Claire and I both look forward to your posts.

April - Cookies make me happy.

Em - I am surprised I am involved in the blogosphere...but I love writing!

Coffee - That is the same reason I can't watch John Stuart or Bill Maher.

DKG - It was great!

Whit - I really do enjoy your sight...even if it is a bit of a mess.

Mary Alice - Knowing how to eat has never been a problem for me.

Deborah - Thanks. I have enjoyed reading about your family...and the move to the beach!

CH - I am pretty sure she likes me...just a bit.

Becky - Not on the computer much most weekends...Claire and I are busy doing stuff. Glad to know I am missed though!

Katelin said...

sounds like one fabulous birthday day/weekend :)