Thursday, May 22, 2008

Of Technology and Championships

Irritation...that is the only word I have for the way I feel towards my cell phone right now. Since a server breakdown at work I have had nothing but this morning, I had to "Hard Reset" the phone. That means I now have to spend the next hour setting up my preferences, reconnecting to the email, and generally acting like this year-old phone is being set up for the very first time. Exciting, I know...


I have been thinking about the Florida Marlins.

The Florida Marlins? Yes, the Florida Marlins...the baseball team. The team that plays in that hot, humid state with great Cuban food and great beaches.

No, they are not my team. Not even #2.

But they are one of only 3 teams to win the World Series multiple times in the last 15 years. The other two? The Red Sox (Yahoo!!!) and the Yankees.

The Marlins do it a bit differently though...basically, they are uncompetitive, unexciting, and frankly bad for 4 seasons, then are able to put it all together for one magical ride, winning the World Series, only to have the team dismantled the following year and the process begin again.

I wonder if it is a good thing to be a fan of that team. I mean, I have been a Padres fan for my entire life...going to the ballpark and getting crazy for the better part of the last 25+ years. I have tasted appearances in the World Series twice and the playoffs 6 times...but my team does not have that trophy.

The Marlins have a couple of them...1997 and 2003. Outside of those two years, they have not been in the playoffs. But they have won the prize...TWICE.

Is it better for me to be teased, year-after-year (well, 6 times actually), only to be denied the prize...or to be really, really sucky, but to feel the joy of winning it all once in a while?

Anyone who reads this a Florida Fan? What is it like?
My Padres are depressing me this season...and after two major injuries last night, it is not likely to get any better.


for a different kind of girl said...

It is here that I'll admit I can't even send a text message on my cell phone.

Well, not that I can't.

More Like I don't know how. It's probably good I'm not a teenager anymore.

Becky said...

I feel your pain. We are Phoenix Suns fans. We have watched our team play marvelous bball only to be denied sometimes in the first round of the playoffs and sometimes like in 93 when being denied by the Bulls in the last throw of the ball.

We have been amply teased.

Then you have our Diamondbacks...dude...within the first couple of years as an official team they take the world series...what a parade that was!

Has it happened again? Nope.

This is what I hear in my head "Na na na na na na" as I am taunted by these teams.

Maybe this will be their year?

rs27 said...

Really sucky and winning it all. I'll take that option please

April said...

Oooh, Pujols really did a number on them, huh? That hit at Chris Young was bad. Bet he's got a couple black eyes today. Yikes! I watched in slo-mo over and over on TiVo.

I personally think it's better to be consistently good and almost win. Then you don't have people like me saying the Marlins wins were flukes. Whatever gets us through the night, eh?

The Charming Hedonist said...

Bogie, I live in Florida and I'm not even a Marlins fan. I'm a Braves fan (and not even a bandwagon fan that hopped on after 1991, but a fan through the 1980's)

Katelin said...

go dodgers!

that is all :)

Nashville? said...

Honestly, I feel bad for Padres Fan. Not that baseball deserves this attention at all, but the mediocrity has to burn eventually, right? No, no, not for Padres Fan. He is ever optimistic, but reading Canepa explain loosing streaks… I know, I know…next year.

Hey, fix the phone and tell me how last night's game was still better than the Man U shoot out (grin).

Amy said...

We Red Sox fans stick together, right?

Bogart in P Towne said...

DKG - I stopped being a teenager last century, but I can still act like one!

Becky - You had to go and play the D-Backs card...ouch.

rs27 - I am begining to believe that.

April - That was a rough night.

CH - Whatever, bandwagon.

Katelin - Dodgers suck...Beat L.A. Beat L.A...

KP - 'cause nobody got bags of urine lobbed at them and the umps did not get pulled in front of a firing squad...that is why.

Amy - You're my boy (girl)

LvL said...

I would like you to please delete this post. I do not recognize the Florida Marlins as a baseball team. And they only one in '97 because Jose Mesa gave the World Series to them.