Monday, May 5, 2008

I am a Wuss...and My Favorite Song

I consider myself in decent shape. Can I play a major league baseball game? No, but I can play hardball in an 18 and up league...Can I play 4 quarters of basketball? No, but I can run in a pick-up game. I am not embarrassed when I go to the gym and I can run 2-3 miles, at a good clip, without dying. I don't even jiggle all that much.

So I can't figure out why I am sore today.

On Sunday, I participated in and E-cycling effort in Virginia Beach. Basically I spent 3 hours lifting computers, monitors, TV's, and other assorted electronics out of people's trunks and back seats then putting them in very large boxes on pallets so that they could be recycled.

I would have expected my back to hurt. It does not.
I would have expected my next to have been sun burnt. It is not.
I would have expected to have barking feet. They are silent.

My tri's, bi's and fingers hurt like a mother though. It strangely makes typing and pushing yourself out of a chair difficult.


What does that mean? Hurting like a mother? Why does "a mother" hurt? And why am I asking you? None of y'all could answer where "colder than a witch's titty" came from.


Top 50, Part 10

You have been patient as I proclaimed my love for my top 50 songs and kind with most of your words (April, I am looking at you!). Thank you for indulging me and my love of music.

So here is my #1 favorite song...

Windmills - Toad the Wet Sprocket...did any of you guess it? I did give clues on Friday. And forgive the video on the link...I know it is terrible, but it is the only copy of the song I could find that I could easily link to.

That entire album, Dulcinea, is playable. I often throw on the entire thing and work.


Thanks to YourBeardIsGood for the idea...he was right, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I am looking at the top 50 now and trying to figure out how some artists like U2, Big Head Todd and AC/DC did not make it. Also trying to figure out how two of the top 3 albums of all-time have no representation. (U2 - Joshua Tree and Pearl Jam - Ten)

I had a blast creating this list. Thanks for indulging me in this little pointless exercise. I hope you found a song or five that was new to you and you now love!


WILLIAM said...

Mother is only half a word.

April said...

Yes, mother is only half of the phrase. But I forget what the other half is.

Loooooovvvve Windmills! One of my all time favorite songs. I played this CD so much and for so long a friend asked me "Dude, do you own another CD?"

And Bogart - it hurts my heart that you thought I would be unkind. I only questioned one little song out of 50. And it was all out of my concern for you and the possibility you may have to turn in your man card with that choice. That's all. I'm a nurturer, I can't help it.

I got nothin' but love for ya baby.

Amy said...

Mother (what)? ha ha ha

I played Wii for the first time Saturday night. I played a few rounds of boxing and I am killing.

I was thinking of canceling my YMCA membership and maybe craigs-listing my treadmill to buy a Wii. I swear I got the best workout!

for a different kind of girl said...

There was a period in the 90s when I listened to pretty much nothing but Toad the Wet Sprocket. This makes me want to pull out my CDs and play them. I'm going to do that for tomorrow.

I'd have a hard time doing this, to a degree, because I think there would be so much U2 on my list. I have at least four copies of The Joshua Tree cd!

Becky said...

Toad the Wet Sprocket must have been during my wild alcholic years, as I don't recall their music, only the funny name.

In case anyone needs clarification, wild alcoholic years is actually code for that stupid period of my life during which I wore boots and a cowboy hat in public and line danced.

Yes, I know. Many a person will need therapy because of that.

Becky, the maid

Bogart in P Towne said...

William - I now understand. Guess that is what I get for going to seminary...people often leave that last part out.

April - Many of my friends feel that I turned in my man card long ago.

Amy - I have avoided so as not to have the urge to buy.

DKG - They Rock! Both, TTWS and U2.

Becky - I look good in a Cowboy hat and boots, but I never did have "that phase".