Friday, May 30, 2008

Land of Wieners

Claire and I are in Louisiana for her youngest sister's wedding. We are having a lot of fun down here running around town with her family, eating over at Gran's house and shooting a round of golf with her father. We will be flying back to VA on Monday.


Wednesday night I had a very surreal/strange experience. We went to the New Orleans Museum of Art to see the George Rodrigue exhibit. I know y'all know him through his Blue Dog paintings like this one:

Anyway, after we went through that exhibit (it was really cool), we all sorta started meandering around the museum looking at other exhibits. I had made my way over to the Rococo room and got separated from everyone else. No problem, we were planning on being there until closing and I was sure I would find some of the others. So I kept wandering. Then suddenly IT HAPPENED.

I was in the World of Wieners.

No, not THOSE WIENERS. They were the kind of wieners I won't show cause this is a family blog...but imagine what this dude looks like turned around:

I was had wandered into some exhibit called "Gentlemen Callers". At first I thought it was interesting. Great drawings and paintings. Then I realized that everyone was naked. No problem. I like naked people. I may not be a "naked person", but I am kosher with naked people. People are pretty.
But as it progressed, there were not naked people per se, but rather only naked men...many of whom were disturbingly reminiscent of the "quiet guy next door that keeps to himself"…if you know what I mean.

I had found my way into the land of wieners and could not get out. This exhibit was very large, in many different rooms and, when being distracted by all the dongs, very hard to find the exit.


After writing that, I realize that I sound like a homophobic 12-year old...I am not. It was just an unexpected 10-mins in Donger-Land.


Claire and her sister Pamela were very excited to go get lost in there. We had to send in a search party to find them. I think their "getting lost" might have been intentional. Just say'n.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I ASSUME my blog was mentioned somewhere withing the LAND OF WIENERS exhibit?

Maybe behind a phallicly blessed statue?

Did you EVEN LOOK?

Hallie :)

rs27 said...

No one, I repeat no one wants to be in Donger Land

Becky said...

I used to live in Europe and I believe Donger-Land might actually be the nude beach I was "accidentally" taken to as a kid.

Glad you escaped the land of the protruding pickles without an eye poke...can be dangerous in there.

The Maid

Stacie said...



Katelin said...

Donger Land is definitely a new one. I don't even think I'd want to be in there.

April said...

". . . when being distracted by all the dongs . . "

Bogart! Not cool man! I am at work! And I'm laughing at loud! In a quiet office with two other people! I have tears in my eyes! And our business is not funny. It's finance. Boring and monotonous. Interest rates are not funny. It's serious business around here. I had to pretend I was lauging at that wacky CNBC anchor. Cuz we all know how funny that guy is.

I'm totally gonna get fired... And yet, I'm still laughing. Oh man, I need a kleenex.

Allie-gator said...

HAHA that was very entertaining!

I agree, Donger Land is not the most popular place especially when its over run by the quiet guys next door.

Chardsy said...

The Land of Weiners sounds like a gay porn that is debuting tonight in West Hollywood.

Donger-land must be like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory for straight women and gay men everywhere!

Laura B. said...

HAHAHA!!! I so thought you'd ended up in Maine to see Hallie! I love the Blue Dog portaits...we have one here in our office.

Enjoy NoLa! Have some beignets and cafe au lait for me. :-)

kimmy said...

"Donger Land" HA!!!! I so need to find a way to use that phrase in conversation! I didn't know your blog was so educational :)


Phyllis Renée said...

This was a very large exhibit . . . very hard to get out of.

Too funny!!!

McSwain said...

It is funny--when I read your post title, before I scrolled down, I was immediately transported back about 10 years, to a time when I was unwittingly taken to a gay beach. Muscular men in speedos, everywhere. Cruelty for a single girl, really. A whole bunch of them were building a giant phallus of sand. Land of Wieners indeed.

My ex-husband gave me a bottle of "Wrongo Dongo" wine a while back, speaking of Dongers. Cracked me up.

for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! It is late (almost early) and I am exhausted, but I came here and laughed so hard through this that I've nearly woken myself up.

Also, I used the words "so hard," which I wanted to address your use of, but Phyllis already has, so big props to her!

Finally, did you happen to spy any real estate signs in Donger Land? I may wish to build a vacation home there.

PracticallyJoe said...

If you had paid closer attention you would have noticed some intricately positioned artwork with weiners pointing to the exits.

Bogart in P Towne said...

WWoW - No, but I thought of you.

rs27 - I am with you.

becky - Sounds scary

Stacie - only after the fact

katelin - I agree

April - Sorry if I cost you your job

Allie - Those dudes next door are scary...them's the ones that kill lots-o-people

Chard - I will never be able to watch Willy the same way

Laura - cafe au lait was had

Kimmy - please do and report back

Phyllis - Thanks...I think

McSwain - That sounds like an interesting trip

DKG - Oh so many double meanings, so little time

Joe - I never thought of that...I was so distracted.

Whit said...

I always like the Blue Dog paintings.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I think this might be the best line I read all week:
when being distracted by all the dongs, very hard to find the exit.

And I don't think it sounds homophobic to want to flee a land of dongs. It's not something one expects to encounter on a day to day basis. Even in a museum.