Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Learn...

Back from the 9 day trip to South Louisiana. Pictures, a recap, and other assorted fine-ness to come later this week...for know I thought I would share things I learned while down there...

1. I don't know anything about heat...sure, I have been in the desert at 117 degrees and complained, but that really has nothing on 90-and-90 in New Orleans. Wowee.

2. Claire's youngest sister Sarah looked like a princess during her wedding.

3. I am at least 10-strokes better at golf than Claire's dad...I say "at least" because I was playing with clubs that were 1 1/2 inches too short, on a course that I had never played, and in weather my linebacker body was not made for and I still managed a 10-stroke win.

4. I enjoy golfing with Claire's dad and there are not many people I say that about.

5. When sitting around with the guys and nobody has said anything for a min or so, "Yeah, buddy" is an acceptable silence breaker. No, not in response to anything, just a random "yeah, buddy" while staring off into space is okay.

6. Claire's grandfather can cook some mean bbq sausage.

7. The worm should not be attempted by anyone over 30. Sure, it was my signature move on the dance floor back in the 90's, but that ground is not so soft anymore.

8. Southern Hospitality is a real thing.

9. I rock at Wii bowling, but am terrible at Wii boxing.

10. Grooms at Southern Weddings get their own cake. How cool is that? I think, if I get married, I will have a grooms cake made out of homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies (with no nuts!!!).

and finally,

11. There is a lot of pressure when you catch the garter at a wedding...especially when you combine that with the girlfriend pulling the ring out of the cake.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I am SOOOOO bad at Wii boxing too! I don't really get it. Seems like no matter how hard or much I punch, nothing happens. And then when something does happen, I have no idea how it happened.

Bowling is awesome! I am really good. Well, sort of good. Well, better than your average 4 year old.

Hallie :)

kimmy said...

How are you at Wii Guitar Hero? My husband and I will play for hours against each other. The kids have to beg us for a turn. I think that's a little messed up, but we have fun anyway!

BTW - I stink at Wii boxing too (despite my best efforts, Hallie's hubby beat me several times).

Have a good one!


WILLIAM said...

There is nothing like a ten stroke win...wait a minute...you are talking about golf aren't you...nevermind....carry on.

April said...

Wii Boxing has helped me shed a few pounds. I'm on the Wii fitness program. :) It's exhausting.

for a different kind of girl said...

I wonder if I'd bowl better with a Wii than I do in real life. I need someone to buy me a Wii to find this out!

Stacie said...

sounds like you have had a wonderful time.

A friend of mine, not yet in his 30s, attempted the worm last year at his OWN wedding and was sore for weeks after. LOL. Hilarious after a few drinks, not so funny the next day, well not funny to him, but still a little funny to me.

Good luck with that garter guilt ;)

rs27 said...

I love the yeah buddy trick..I like saying, "She's hot" to no one in particular.

Kelly said...

You must be really comfortable with Claire's Father if you felt it was OK to beat him by 10 strokes! Having family in the South myself, I know all about that Southern Hospitality thing! What fun!

PracticallyJoe said...

So it matters what size clubs you use .... who woulda thought? Golf is not my game ... But I gave it a try ... Check it out ... Swinging with a Friend

Katelin said...

sounds like a fabulous trip. i love lousiana. and yes catching the garter or the boquet is a lot of pressure, haha.

and the ring out of the cake? i'm so confused.

Schell Family said...

Couple things:

I did Wii boxing the other night for the first time and totally stunk too! Jen has mastered this crazy move that is quite effective (at least it was against me). It's hard to explain, but it was hysterical to watch...steve's dad was even funnier!

I am TOTALLY coming to your wedding and eating all of your groom's cake...AWESOME idea and the little squirt will appreciate the no nuts!

No one ever said WHEN you had to get married if you caught the garter/ring out of the cake!

Becky said...

We've had Wii since Christmas...and I haven't dared try it yet. My kids keep bugging me to.

I'm already addicted to too many things...don't know if I can stand many more.

Yeah, buddy.

The Maid

Mary Alice said...

Yeah, I think we should implement the grooms cake tradition in California. That is just southern brilliance that's begging to be copied.

Chardsy said...

WAIT JUST A SECOND. Did you pop the question?? Is that what the whole "pulling the ring out of the cake" meant??

I love Wii, btw. I totally want a Wii fit.

The Charming Hedonist said...

You mean not everyone has a Groom's cake? I totally didn't know that was strickly a southern thing.

And what is this pulling the ring out of the cake thing? I've never heard of that.

Good luck with that garter, my friend.... ;-)

Coffee Bean said...

Oh how fun! I miss the south! And the groom's cake is usually the better one!

Hey, I am trying to get the word out about something and having a little contest on my blog. Come check it out!

Bogart in P Towne said...

WWoW - I am buying a Wii and going to figure it out.

Kimmy - Never played

William - You said stroke...

April - Wii fitness will be in my home soon...I just want to ski

DKG - I am about the same...real life and Wii

Stacie - He must have been into it

rs27 - It was new to me

Kelly - He is a good guy

Joe - Size matters

Katelin - In Louisiana they have a tradition where the single girls pull on strings that are between the layers of the cake...each has a charm attached. Like a button. If you get that one you are going to be an old maid. Or the golden ring...you will be the next to get married. Pressure

Schell - I need to take Wii boxing lessons

Becky - Do it. C'mon, you know you want to

Mary Alice - I will bring it

Chard - NO! Just go up and read what I wrote to Katelin...again with the pressure.

CH - The groom's cake is a southern thing and the pulling ribbon out of the cake is a Louisiana thing.

Bean - A stack of cookies would be mine...

Katie said...

LOL! A cake made of chocolate chip cookies...I wonder if I could pull that off? Maybe a tiered thing? Hmmm...that sounds delicious.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've seen your comments on April and Becky's sites and have never checked yours out. You are hilarious!

Amy said...

I love Wii Boxing but I am so sore the next day!!!

I hope you get "your" cake and can eat it too! Yeah buddy!

Congrats on catching that garter!!!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Wow, so it sounds like you guys are next, huh? Sounds staged. Did anyone else even try to catch the garter?