Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today is one of my favorite days of the year...

For the last 6 years, me and my buddies Steve and Teddy (we had another friend J join us last year...the one in the orange shirt...but his wife is about to birth a child, so he could not get a permission slip to come and play) meet up on Phoenix and go to Spring Training. It is there that the transformation is complete...we go from 30-something, responsible adults to 10-year old kids who can enjoy an adult libation.

Scary, I know.

We chase foul balls like they are lined with diamonds...Teddy has even been known to push people over and poke little kids in the eye to get at one...

We beg and plead for autographs. We glare, point, and gawk at other 30-something year-old men that throw, catch and hit a round ball for a living.

We eat cotton candy, chipwhich, and red vines.

We talk baseball, baseball, and even more baseball.

We reminisce about the time we sat next to Buck O'Neil, chatted with Miguel "Miggy" Tejada, had doughnuts with Mark "Mud" Grant, peed next to Donavan McNabb, and got radar gun readings from Kevin Towers.

We work on our heckling (Even fans need to train!)

We laugh, a lot...we eat, a lot...we even mess up hotel room toilets, a lot...well, at least Teddy does!

All-in-all it is 4 of my favorite days of any year...I think I look forward to this trip as much as I do anything...and today is the day I leave. Oh yea!!!


This year we are mixing in a little golf...this will be the first time we are able to work that into the schedule. You know there will be money riding on that! Yes, I plan on winning all of it...see, while Steve throws a better fastball and curveball than me, I whoop him on the golf course...and Teddy, well, he can usually beat me at Trivial Pursuit, but on the golf course I'm his daddy.


For you enjoyment...and mine...I give you one of the best stand up routines of all time...


♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

ohmygosh that sounds like SOOOO much fun!

have a blast!

in da hizzzzzzouse

Katelin said...

oh man i have always wanted to go to a spring training game, sounds like so much fun.

i cannot wait for baseball to start! ah! *go dodgers!* :)

Amy said...

'tis the season!!! =)

WILLIAM said...

HAve fun.

molly said...

sounds like soo much fun! i love baseball
glad you approve of the best song choice, even if its not your favourite!

for a different kind of girl said...

Hope you're having a great time. This seems like a futile hope, since it seems history would prove you no doubt are, but I do hope so!

Also, what is a chipwhich?

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

The only words I understood in that post were "laughing", "food", "diamonds" and "golf". I hope you're having a fun time doing your baseball thingy.

Bogart in P Towne said...

ALicious - It was soooo much fun...every year it is!!!

Katelin - You need to go. It is so very cool and worth the trip. You need to make the trek to Phoenix for a weekend.

Amy - Sure tis...wooohooo

William - Thanks...It was great!

Molly - That was a good song

DKG - Chipwhich is a very large, frozen treat...2 HUGE chocolate chip cookies surrounding a large scoop of vanilla ice cream...350 calories and 30 grams of fat from a deliciousness that can only be described as yum.

Scarlett - We need to work on that!