Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did I Just Get Serious?

Found a great little restaurant last was a wine bar and restaurant...We both did the "wine tasting" which consisted of sampling either red or white and will include every open bottle they our case, there were 15-18 bottles...holy crap batman. Next time Claire and I will share one tasting.

We did find time to eat during the 2 hours we were trying every red grape ever made into wine. Claire had a cheese plate (which, even for a non-cheese eater like me) was really figg'n good...I had the bruschetta. It was unlike any bruschetta I ever had, it was based around artichokes rather than tomatoes. Fantastic. The balsamic rocked, the diced onions and tomatoes worked well and we both really enjoyed it. Looking forward to going back again!


How do you pronounce "bruschetta"? Is it like I have always heard and said "bru-shet-a" or is it like the big head girl on food network says it "bru-sket-a"?

And even if it pronounced like it has a "K" in the middle, do I really want to say it that way? Kinda sounds pompous...

*In my most condescending voice*..."No, no, no darling, not brusheta, but brusketa, with a K...You would not want to sound uncouth at the club, would you? Oh, and tell Buffy to clean up this mess. I dripped our 100 year old balsamic on Grandmothers lace table cloth."


Got into a discussion about this whole Elliot Spitzer mess. Claire and I had a lot of questions and are 10 of them...

1. How can you do that to your wife? Not just the cheating, but rather the bringing her on stage while you apologize. I know, I know you want to show that she is standing by you and supporting you despite what a scumbag you have been, but doesn't that just humiliate her even further?

2. How can someone sleep with a hooker for the better part of 10 years and the wife not have any idea? If she knew, is she complicit in this?

3. How can you afford to pay $5000 per hour to sleep with a hooker?

4. How do you become a $5000 per hour hooker? Does the pimp say "man, this one has talent. I need to call the major league club and let them know"? Is there a minor league and major league division in the hook'n business?

5. I know that Gov. Spitzer made some enemies on Wall Street, but how tacky was it that the trading floor stopped trading and cheered when the news broke. Seriously, that was weak.

6. Wouldn't it have been cheaper and better to just take on a mistress?

7. What is the cut for the "Pimp/Madam" on that $5k per hour?

8. I wonder if there is a sense of pride to be a hooker that charges that much. I remember being told that if you are going to be a criminal, be the high end kind...robbing a 7-11 may net you a couple hundred bucks, robbing a bank a few thousand, but white collar crime pays millions. Not to mention, when you are that good, the prison they send you to is not the "Don't Drop the Soap" variety, so in the end, you make so much more on the outside and you can play tennis on the inside. It is a win-win...if you want to live a life of crime. ;-)

9. It is fascinating that this whole thing might affect the outcome of the presidential race...Gov. Spitzer is a Super Delegate that has pledged his vote to Hillary...if he steps down, that vote opens back up...crazy.

10. The tragedy of this whole mess is the Spitzer's 3 daughters. I feel bad for the wife, but how awful for the kids. I don't even know what could possibly being going through their heads right now and how this will affect them for the rest of their lives, but make no mistake, those kids will feel the effects until the day they die.


Read an interesting quote yesterday and I thought I would share..."Being liked does not mean you will do well. But doing well does mean you will, over time, be liked."


Made the mistake of getting on a scale today...I had not been running or exercising much the last couple of weeks...couple that with the amount of travel Claire and I have been doing where we are eating 250lbs of crawfish, buffets in Vegas, sipping wine and pina coladas, and having crazy good beef and gravy sandwiches, and I have tacked on a full 5lb's. I did not really notice until I jogged 2 miles yesterday and felt myself jiggle.

I don't know if that has ever happened to you, but when you are less than 45 years old and you jiggle when you run, it might be time to push away from the buffet...


WILLIAM said...

I say it with the SH sound.

As far as the kids thing goes.(your somment left at my site) can do just takes good aim.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wait....what the hell's wrong with Wheat Thins and Snoballs?

Thin Mints fresh from the freezer is an orgasmic experience. Sorry, it needed to be said!

Hallie :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Forgot to say... I think it's with a "K" sound.

And as far as the 5000.00 hooker? You go girl!! Who's the smart one in that equation? The DOLT who pays that much or the woman making that much for something that at any bar in NYC I'm sure he could have found a willing SLOT A to insert his TAB into for free!

I'm just sayin!


Amy said...

Now this is what you call packing a post! The wine tasting sounds great and I say bushetta with a "sh".

As for Elliot, he makes me ill!!! Oh the drama, known as politics, continues!

Katelin said...

Umm wine tasting and a cheese plate sounds absolutely heavenly, two of my favorite things, haha.

rs27 said...

I call it the Bru House. No one joins in with me in saying it that way though.

The Charming Hedonist said...

OMG, you're talking about Giada, right? I mean, her head is HUGE!

for a different kind of girl said...

Think how much bruschetta you could pound down when you're pulling in 5K for an hour's work!

I feel badly that Spitzer's wife had to stand up there and act the supporting wife as he danced around some veiled idea of what he'd done. I'd almost bet she had no desire to be up there and judged, but a team of political advisors encouraged her to get up there, which is unfortunate.

I need some wine now!

Bogart in P Towne said...

William - I don't want that aim right now...if there were a ring, maybe, but not until then! Please.

WWofW - Thin Mints are from God's kitchen! And do you think her parents are proud of her being a $5k hooker?

Amy - I am in hog heaven...I love politics.

Katelin - Me too!!

RS - Not as catchy.

CH - YES! She looks like a Weeble Wobble.

DKG - At $5k per hour, I would be eating more than just Bruschetta!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

No, really, how does one become a $5000/hour hooker? Does anyone know?

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I worry about hookers too! When we went to Vegas and saw all the hooker cards they pass out, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the hookers that weren't good enough to get their own card. I mean, how bad do you have to be to not have a card?! They must be the hookers who ask questions while working like "What are you thinking about right now?" "Do I look fat from that angle?" "Can we stop and visit for a few seconds?" Yeah, I bet that is why they don't have a card or charge $5000 an hour.

The weight thing...I ran a marathon less than two years ago, yet when I slowly go over a speed bump in my car, I can feel my entire body jiggle...forget the thighs, it is everywhere.