Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Man Crush

I am often reminded that I am a little different than most guys...I like chick flicks, I cry in movies and at baptisms. I remember most birthday's, anniversaries, and other important dates. I send flowers and hand written thank you cards often. I admit to missing my friends and tell them often. I call my mom. I like to cuddle. I cook, regularly. I don't like to be dirty. I keep my nails trimmed, have been known to get a manicure, and love spending the day at the day spa.

But please don't think that I am not 100% guy...I play sports, eat steak, and drink scotch. I scratch, burp, and have been known to occasionally sit on a barking spider. I pee standing up, have written my name in the snow, and smoke the occasional cigar. I have been in fights, been bloodied in a fight, and bloodied someone else. I think chocolate is just another sweet, I feel uncomfortable getting flowers, and I snore. I like to drive fast, play poker, and I have been known to growl. I watch the 3 Stooges, Monty Python, and the History Channel. I like pretty girls, power tools, and sand paper. I read the Wall Street Journal, I vote, and I pray. I take my hat off during the national anthem, tear up on the 4th of July, and thank every military person I can. I have often been told that I am a lot like Zach Morris.

So, with all that admitted, I feel a little more comfortable sharing the following...

Cruising around the few blogs that I read (only a couple are everyday stops, but there are a handful that I visit occasionally) there have been some posts about batting for the other side.

You know what that means right? Ummm, no? Hmmmm, how to explain on this family blog...

Switching teams, swinging the other way, moving camps, etc. Still don't know what I am talking about? How about I try another tact.

Anyone who says they have never appreciated someone with the same parts is lying.


Yes, Sarah, Kyle is lying to you right now. He has a man crush. We all do. Yes, even you Neil...and KP, stop trying to deny it, I have seen you in a moment of weakness.

They may not be real feelings, but their is a certain, ahem, appreciation every man has for at least one other that might end up next to them in the pee trough...

So, without further adieu, my man crushes...

Taye Diggs

Heath Ledger

Robert Downey, Jr.

No, I would not really shake the other way, but I will admit that I "appreciate" those three.


I really don't know why I felt the need to share that.

No mom...stop worrying. Not really. It is simply an appreciation for beauty. No, really mom, please stop crying. Here's a tissue.


Janet, I really am normal...mostly. Please don't make Claire break up with me!


As long as I am at it, I thought I should pass along this little number...only go there if you are a woman older than 50 or you promise to watch the whole thing...yes, all 4 mins of it. If you are not a female older than 50 or you can't commit to watching the whole thing, then please don't go. Hat Tip to Wonderful World of Weiners...thanks Hallie.


Catrina Stanley said...

Where is the picture of Ryan?

Kali said...

Robert Downey Jr is beautiful. And I totally agree with your theory!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I love it: I like pretty girls and sandpaper. That's like the ultimate definition of masculine! Robert D jr., excellent choice!

rs27 said...

Right on. I did a post about this when I started my blog. My number one is Christian Bale and I am ok with that.

P.S. I like girls.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I LOVE your man crushes!! How secure you are to OUT yourself to the bloggy world!! (hee hee - your mom is having a cow right about now!)

Damn man, you were busy commenting all over my blog today!! I had so much fun reading them all. And glad to have shared SHmoops video find. Classic, huh?

Get your ass to the store and buy a Wii right now. If you can find one. You will still have to exercise but it does make you sweat like a fat pig. And you will get Wii shoulder, arm, leg etc...cuz it makes you move your butt all over the place.

And cuz I love you so much, I am going to help ya out! Since they are so damn hard to find, go to - it lists a ton of places and tells you INSTANTLY when some come into stock. That's how I got John's from

But be forewarned - they go fast. When I bought mine, the listing was up and GONE in 26 minutes!!


Amy said...

I don't think Claire has much to worry about! Of course that's as long as no crazy pictures of you and the previously mentioned males surface!

Nice one!

WILLIAM said...


Bogart in P Towne said...

Catrina - It almost made it up...maybe tomorrow.

Kali - Sure is...and I know I am right.

OK - Thanks

RS27 - Glad we clarified...btw, your beard IS good.

WWofW - Thanks...Wii is in the future for me.

Amy - No crazy pictures...I don't even think there are incriminating ones...I have a political career to think about.

William - Sorry...had to be done. I don't know why, but it did.

Katelin said...

mmmmTaye is definitely a crush of mine as wellmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed to laugh today & that took care of it! I may never look at skaters the same way again however. J in L-town

for a different kind of girl said...

Not shabby in the man crush department at all. I'm so clueless on my chick crushes right now. I blame that photo of Robert Downey Jr.

Anonymous said...

yes KP does have a man krush i will make him post! haha

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I was bad yesterday...I only went to William's blog because...well...he's my first blog crush...but you're a close second...anyway, I didn't see what you said about Big D. He is impossible to offend. What did you say? I'm sure it was funny. Did it have something to do with his golf....or did you say that you had a man crush on him? I bet you have a man crush...yep, that must have been what you said.

kpellatiro said...

Benjamin Mckenzie but I am not talking about it.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Katelin - What can I say, I have good taste!

JinL - That skater just got a lot more fans.

DKoG - Taye is enough for us all.

Sarah - I saw him eyeing me this weekend. Should I be worried?

Scarlett - No, it had more to do with calling out his Man-Crushes, but those google eyes are tempting.

KP - Don't lie. I saw you looking at Mario Batalli with puppy dog eyes.

Kameron said...

yeah. heath was beautiful.

every time one of my straight friends say they've "found" someone for me, i ask, "was he hot?" and they scratch their heads and act embarrassed.

can you replace my straight friends? you're far more useful.