Thursday, March 27, 2008

East Coast Lov'n

There are days that I love the East Coast. 6 months into my East Coast adventure, I am reminded regularly that it is different out here, but it is mostly good. Yesterday was one of the days that was wonderful.

I am out of coffee. I have really tried to be disciplined over the past few months and make my own coffee. Not always, but usually. Thursday, however found me sneaking out to the coffee cart for some scuttlebutt and a medium roast.

The minute I stepped outside, I smiled. The sun was out, I had flip-flops and a t-shirt on, the trees were starting to bloom, and I heard/saw many birds chirping. I can honestly say that I finally understand that spring is more than just the arrival of baseball, but also the death of Old Man Winter.
Now, having been a SoCal boy all my life, I always thought Old Man Winter was more of a Labor Day Man with a mid-life crisis. I never owned a coat (except my ski coat which was in the attic until that 1 week a year I hit the slopes) prior to moving to P-Towne. No really, I did not own one. I had an assorted collection of hoodies and a couple of wind-breakers, but that was it. Now, I own three coats (including one that Claire hates), a real-life, dress-up sweater, and even isotoner gloves. All of which I HATE, mainly because when I have to use them it means that I can't be wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops.

But Thursday (AND TODAY WOOOHOOO) prove that even in P-Towne, the Flip-Flops t-shirt, and shorts can be sported!


One thing I am having a bit of trouble understanding is how it can be 80+ degrees is...and in the low 50's will be. That is silly.


I think I complain about the weather too much.


Another reason to be happy I am on the East Coast right now is that the Cherry Blossoms are blooming. Claire and I are driving up to Washington D.C. this weekend to see them. My grandmother has been talking about seeing the Japanese Cherry Blossoms for years, so I am going to take her advice and go.

We are going to drive up on Saturday afternoon and check them out. It is so cool that I am driving distance to the capital. I can't wait to see Lincoln, Jefferson, and the like.

Some days it is very good to have majored in history in college!


Is it sick that I had the TV on twice this week around 6:30am to watch baseball games in Japan?

I guess I could chalk that up to another cool thing about being on the East Coast. If I were in SoCal, there is no chance the alarm clock would have gone off early enough (like 3am) to get me up to watch baseball. I mean, c'mon, I have baseball fever, but that is beyond sick.
A bucket of Buffalo Wings showed up at my door via FedEx this morning...50 wings were over-nighted from Buffalo. Claire and I won them at a conference last fall. I was going to save them until Monday and crack them open for a day of baseball, but I am thinking that 50 Spicy hot wings might be really frigg'n good while we watch season 6 of Scrubs tonight. Decisions, decisions.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You are frickin watching Scrubs without me? Frick...double frick!!

But you like my wieners, so you are forgiven!

Hallie :)

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Hearing that someone else is seeing things bloom makes me think that just maybe it might happen here someday. I mean, sure it snowed AGAIN yesterday, but I think it's supposed to melt today. And I almost felt warmer reading this.

Stacie said...

They're just starting to open in DC...I'm in springfield and they're open here, but last weekend (Easter sunday) we were on the National Mall, and they were JUST barely starting to's going to be GORGEOUS! I can't wait to get over there later this week with my new camera!

Thanks for the visit! I see you at Scarlett's place a lot, and we have a few readers in common. I'll be back..

rs27 said...

West Coast is best cause everything ends at 10.


Katelin said...

I used to rock flip flops and shorts as much as I could when I was in Ohio. I even wore flip flops in the snow once, the SoCal girl in me never left, haha.

Misty said...

ENJOY D.C. ... we were there in April of last year and this year we have a different trip planned. But I have to tell you--somehow I keep having visions of D.C. for the past two weeks.. Like in the middle of doing something totally unrelated, i'll have flashes of being there. Weird huh? I really look forward to going back again soon. I've been several times but love it there in the spring.

Amy said...

I have always lived on the East Coast, and I still haven't seen the cherry blossoms. I hope one of these days (years!!!)!

As for those b-ball games in Japan, my boys were up waiting for them to begin!

Have a great weekend!

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm stuck here in the middle. It's not bad, but there's no cherry blossoms, which I would love to see one day. I'd like to see the sun one of these days, too. Unfortunately, I have to keep telling my flip flops to back off.

Phyllis Renée said...

The weather drives me crazy here in OK. Thursday it actually got up to 87, but Friday it was back down in the 50's.

Have a great weekend! Oh, and you've been tagged :o)

kpellatiro said...

Flip flops half the week, little rain - wet flops, too cold and little rain - no flopping way today.

But Spring might be worth it! Pear trees going crazy in Nashville right now too. Send me some DC pics.

Mary Alice said...

A cozy night with wings, scrubs, and your sweetie? That's the good life, right there.

Bogart in P Towne said...

WWoW - Scrubs was wonderful and Claire still can't beleive the cliff hanger at the end of season 6.

OK - So worth it.

Stacie - Unbelievable trip. So beautiful!

RS - Really begining to realize that being a baseball fan on the East Coast is hard.

Katelin - Just keep'n it it.

Misty - I can now see why!

Amy - Just have to do it.

DKG - You might just have to man up and put them on. The feet, despite the cold, will thank you...or at least your heart will.

Phyllis - It is nuts, but I am learning to adapt...will work on the 6 worder this week.

KP - Bro, I know you appreciate my daily issues, but man, there are some trips/things that make it all worth it.

Mary - I am blessed beyond words!