Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Do They Call Danishes in Denmark?

Stepped off the plane on Thursday night in Norfolk from a 7 day journey to the land of the Danish...What a trip!!!

I really enjoyed Denmark. This was my second trip there and I have two GREAT friends that live there. That last little fact makes it oh, so much easier to really get into the place...riding the railway, finding "little holes in the wall", even the cool corner bar...all of it is much more comfortable when you have a tour guide that knows the place and really knows you...As both Jeff and Dorthe do...

Jet lag was a bit of an issue, but mainly because we did not sleep much on this trip...we were up fairly early every day, eating the best pastries ever (Seriously, they don't call a Danish a Danish is a weird is that? Crazy Danes! :-)), and staying up late laughing and reminiscing with our friends. We basically went everywhere we could walk, usually on our feet for 10 hours a day hoofing it around town.

We saw castles, the Crown Jewels, and one really HUGE Great Dane...funny that we saw the Great Dane in Sweden, no? We ate Shwarma and I even found a real beer that I drank...3 whole bottles on this trip. I know, I am really getting all growed up now ain't I mommy?

We had some very good food and met some crazy fun people. We spent NYE in a story book cabin in a forest in Southern Sweden. It was a sweet place with stone walls, wood floors, and a kitchen made to entertain! Jeff/Dorthe's friends that we hung out with were so much fun! We shot off fireworks like they were going out of style...meaning Jeff and I blew stuff up while most of the others stayed on the patio and watched. They cooked 3 legs of lamb, this crazy good mushroom cream sauce, and this ice cream cookie toffee dessert thing that was better than any mud pie I ever had in the states...We tried Aquavit (3 different kinds...liked 1 of them, could deal with another, but the third was awful. Bloody awful. It tasted like dill and rubbing alcohol that had been set on fire), Glogg, fried dough balls, homemade bread, street vendor bacon wrapped sausage, and good/bad Danish candy...I learned that pear juice, sold regularly in Sweden and Denmark, tastes remarkably like Apple Juice in the states...I learned that the Danes own a boat and piano made entirely of ivory...I learned that porn comes on at 1230 every night on a public access television station...I learned that bathrooms, showers, fridges, and stoves in Denmark/Sweden would never be big enough for American tastes.

Yes, we saw all the touristy stuff (except for that silly mermaid...saw it before and it is not worth the drive)...but as always seems to be the case, Claire and I can't wait to share more about the other obtuse things we the random Giant Lamp on the streets of Malmo, the Pizza/Shwarma restaurants that line the streets, and just generally walking around the city with our friends...

It is good to be home, but we can't wait to do another trip...maybe we will meet Jeff and Dorthe in Berlin or Istanbul or Majorca...who knows...I do know one thing though, it is figg'n cold in Northern Europe during the winter!

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