Monday, January 7, 2008

Taking it to the Next Level

This weekend, Claire and I entered a new phase in our relationship...before I tell you about the specifics, it is important to know a little background info...

Claire's ex-husband shares the same first name as I do. We went to the same Junior High. He went to the high school in Southern California that ALL 5 of my siblings went to. He played football with one of my best friends. His parents still live 3 miles from mine. I never knew him, but a lot of my friends did. The coincidence is even stranger when you keep in mind that he met Claire at Auburn Alabama. They lived in the South and East their entire marriage. She has NEVER lived in California. I have never lived anywhere but California.

Now that you have the background information, I want to get back to the new phase we entered this weekend...On Saturday, I met her ex. It was not accidental, it was on purpose. No, I did not hire a hit, I did not go to beat him up...and no, I did not go to show him my mad muscles and ninja skills...Claire and I drove to his house to get a dining room table for her apartment...he is moving, not taking it with him, and it fits in her we went and got it.

He was nice enough, maybe even a little chatty (which I understand is very strange)...he even offered me a beer (I politely declined. I mean, it is not like he had Lambic or a Radler!). I was not uncomfortable, he is part of her past and while I may not be a fan of how he treated her, she is the woman I love, partly because of her experiences with him.

It did get a bit weird however, when we briefly discussed mutual acquaintances in SoCal...

HIM: "Do you remember so-and-so?"
Me: "Yup. We were good friends"
HIM: "He was a dork. Do you remember so-and-so 2?"
Me: "We used to hang out. He was a lot of fun."
HIM: "He was a loser. Do you remember female so-and-so?"
Me: "Ha...I dated her."
HIM: "Holy crap, so did I."

Uncomfortable laughter ensued...we quickly ended the visit after that....I politely asked him not to ever introduce me to his new fiance...apparently we have the same taste in women.

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WILLIAM said...

That is funny. Maybe you could talk to some of your Russian Mafia friends from the other post to you know....take care of him.