Friday, August 15, 2008

Reliving History

On Tuesday evening, I was cooking up some hamburger. Tacos were on the menu for me that night.

As I was cooking the meat, warming the tortillas and cutting fresh vegetables, I made a sudden jump and bumped the spatula out of the meat pan. That movement shot out a small handful of meat onto the floor.

Instinctively I yelled "Sammy, c'mere girl".

Sammy was my black lab.

She has not lived with me since April of 2007. 17 months ago.

Funny how those things stick with you.


Claire and I suffered through History of Violence last night. When it came out in the theaters back in "Ought-five", I really wanted to see it, but for one reason or another I did not. So, it came up on my netflix queue and we watched it.

Holy Crap it was bad. The acting...terrible. The editing...awful. The directing...brutal.

The sad part is that it has a great premise, but there nothing redeeming about this film.


You would have thought with Viggo Mortensen coming off of the great role of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he could have come up something much stronger.


Yesterday afternoon, I snuck out and saw Tropic Thunder. The first 15 mins I really thought about walking out...the movie settled down after that and did provide some laughs. As usual, Robert Downey, Jr. was great!


Claire and I are heading down to North Carolina this weekend to visit my good buddy Teddy. (If you have not had a chance to get a little nugget of wisdom about Teddy, click that link. One of my favorite stories about him.)

We are going to hang out with him on Friday night, all day Saturday and Saturday night.

On Sunday, we are going to explore Charlotte and make the trek back to P-Towne. Should be a great time!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sammy has such a sweet face.

Have fun this weekend!


for a different kind of girl said...

I remember liking History of Violence, until it started to drag. And drag. And drag.

I'm hoping I can sneak off with my husband this weekend to see Tropic Thunder. I'm sure it will be a good time, but you're weekend sounds pretty darn good, too. Enjoy!

Schell Family said...

For some reason, the Sammy story makes me sad....maybe 'cause I know you miss her!

rs27 said...

Finally someone that agrees on History of Violence. What a waste of a netflix rental.

Stacie said...

Have a safe trip.

Sammy is a beautiful dog!

Katelin said...

i totally agree with you about history of violence, i did not like that movie at all.

Kelly said...

There are still times when I am cooking in my kitchen, that I think I see the cat from my childhood sitting on the ledge looking at me. It's not even the same house!

April said...

Oh Bogart, so much we have in common. I too hated History of Violence and my family relishes the joy of Taco Tuesday.

Hope you have a great time in "Shawl-lette." I love North Carolina and southern accents. Y'all.

kimmy said...

Have a great weekend!


kimmy said...

Have a great weekend!


Laura B. said...

Bogart, your story about Sammy nearly made me cry. I bet you miss her tons!

Yea, I didn't care for History of Violence either.

Unfortunately I have no desire to see Tropic Thunder.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Mabunny said...

You've been tagged for a meme. Stop by and check out the rules, its fun!

Practically Joe said...

I'm sure Sammy is there with you and very frustrated that he can't get at that meat.

Mabunny said...

Awww, Sammy was a cutie!
Thanks for the warning of that movie will definately not watch it.
Don't forget your meme!

Nilsa S. said...

I haven't been back to NC since last fall. Your post is serving as a reminder that I owe my friends a trip back to that part of the country.