Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Food and Father's Day

On Friday night last week, we were on Eagle Lake in Maple Grove, MN. My sister's boyfriend made some mean burgers and thought I would mention them to you...I made some killer burgers a couple of month's back (Read about them here), but his was right on par.

In the meat he mixed egg, red/yellow/green diced peppers, red onion, and Gorgonzola cheese. Then he formed the burgers, grilled them to medium, and melted cheese with peppers on top. Served on a toasted/grilled onion bun and they were awesome.

I have challenged him to an Iron Chef cook off...we will see if he has the chutzpah to accept. :-)


Father's day was Sunday. It is a funny holiday for me because in my life I really have 3 different men that would easily be celebrated on that day...my father, my step-dad, and my gramps...all have provided things for me to live up to, look for, and pursue. I also make sure to call my buddies that are fathers and let them know that they are doing a great job...This year I was able to add 2 more calls...both Jeremy and Derek got messages to celebrate their first Father's Day.

But this past Sunday my mind was mostly on my Gramps. It is the first Father's day without him around. He past away last September (Please read what I wrote about him here) and his presence is still so missed. His life was a blessing to so many people, but inside the family he was held in even higher regard than the thousands of people that cried the day he passed away...yes, I said thousands.

There are a million stories I could write about him and it still would not cover his life adequately. I have shared some of his more notorious ones here, here, here, and here.

Thanks for all you were gramps...you are missed more than you could ever imagine.


for a different kind of girl said...

What a lovely tribute you wrote to your grandfather. It sounds like you have some wonderful foundations of fatherhood supporting you should the day come when you want your own children

April said...

That was so nice Bogart. Your grandpa sounds like he was a great man.

PracticallyJoe said...

Great post!
This father's day was special to me because I got to wish two new fathers a "Happy Father's Day" for their first time.

Son-in-law John for blessing us with Lucia last July ... and ...
Son-in-law Joe for blessing us with Aubrey last week!

My best Father's Day ever!

Becky said...

Very pastor-ish looking guy. :)

I see where you get your yearning for God's word.

:) I miss my grandpa too, however he was more of a guy to laugh at/with. Sitting around in his wife beater t-shirt and jockey shorts passing gas and watching M*A*S*H re-runs.

Yep...he was a great guy. ;)

The Maid

Katelin said...

aw what a sweet tribute for father's day. :)