Monday, June 9, 2008

May I Be Excused, My Brain Hurts.

Last week I wrote about the things I learned during our trip to New Orleans and I don't want to keep kicking the same/similar subject everyday, but it really is true that you learn new things everyday. For example:

Friday night I learned that Fire Flies really do exist. Not only do they exist, but they are phenomenal little bugs. No, they are not like the mechanical ones at Disneyland, constantly glowing and staying on, but they their little flashy butts are sooooo cool. (I don't ever want to say that line again. EVER.)

Saturday I learned that fritters made from Conch Meat and being sold 5-for-$1 are not only the best deal at a festival, but they are also pretty darn good. I figured out that if you puree fresh Kiwi with a little bit of Mango juice it makes a pretty mean smoothie...Also, Wii Ping-Pong is fun, but Cow racing may be the best game ever.

Sunday I learned that the character Magda from Something About Mary really does exist. Claire and I saw her at the beach yesterday. Holy Carp batman. She had the little dog, the yellow hair, and the crazy leather skin. I have NEVER seen anything like it.

Finally, I also learned that it is 10-15 degrees warmer in VA this month than normal. No wonder my skin melted off yesterday.


I bought my Wii yesterday. (THANKS MOM + POPS) I am so excited to play Tennis, Ping Pong, Cow Racing, Fishing, etc. Claire and I tried to buy the Wii fit yesterday (I can't wait to ski on it and Claire is super excited about the Yoga possibilities), but they sold out before the store even opened. We showed up at 11am and the line out the door was just silly. We were lucky to get the Wii, but the blue shirt people just laughed at us when we asked about getting the fit.

It will happen, just not this week.


Finally, despite all of your requests, there is no known video of me doing the worm, the helicopter, or most anything else that may be remotely damaging to my future political career.


rs27 said...

We used to trap fire flies growing up and keep them in a jar.

Then they died for some reason. Don't know why.

Stacie said...

ooohhh, I want the Wii Fit too, but I have to buy a Wii first. Damn.

Cow racing? NICE, you could just come to Indiana and do it for realz. ;)

Fire flies, their butts are nice and as my 4 yr old discovered, they leave neon color all over the sidewalk if you scrap them across it...good times.

WILLIAM said...

Wii Yoga?....seriously?

Isn't just Yoga?

I mean I would be all for watching someone doing Yoga in my living room and what not....

April said...

Magda has some sisters here in AZ. I saw them at BevMo Friday night stocking up. One of them had a dog in her purse, she was feeding it licorice bites. It was the craziest thing I ever saw.

Katelin said...

i am so jealous of the wii, i seriously want one.

and i think seeing a real magda would freak me out, shudder.

for a different kind of girl said...

We're waiting for firefly nights around here. My boys already have their jars with the punched out lids and are waiting.

I want the Wii Fit, too! I've got My Personal Trainer for PS2, but that's SO yesterday!

Becky said...

Spilling real tears at the lack of video coverage of the worm.

Future political career? I think I would vote for you...what is your stand on outlawing said "Magda's" from public bra-less outings...while wearing ugly yellow tube tops.

Nope, April, I didn't see them at Bevmo (what the heck is that place anyway) but I am pretty sure that I saw a couple at a weekend baby shower. Dude...can we say moisturizer?

The Maid

Schell Family said...

I REALLY wanted to get Steve a Wii for Father's Day, but can't find one to save my are LUCKY man!

Debra W said...

I do miss watching the fire flies at night. One of the cool things about growing up back east.


Laura B. said...

Dude...I'm crushed that there is no video evidence of you doing the worm. Shooter put his foot down on the Wii for now...we just had to shell out $600 for termite treatment, ugh!

Oh, and fireflies, I used to have glow in the dark hands until I realized how to trap them "gently" in cupped hands...yea, the stuff in their butts makes your hands glow. Kinda cool.

The Charming Hedonist said...

I must know more about this Wii yoga. There is really such a thing as Wii yoga? I say that like I actually have a Wii. Or a video game system in general.

I am so behind in the times.

Em said...

You got a Wii :) yay you!!! It's fun :)

Okay I spent a bit of time and have now come up with a fantastic, most awesomest, best ever, guaranteed-you'll-love-it-or-your-money-back cream cheese frosting recipe just for you... since you poo-poo'd my buttercream recipe! LOL Alright, alright - you didn't poo-poo it but you said you like cream cheese icing better so I created the bestest one ever.

Hey - I shoulda named it after you!!!! But... I didn't... I named it after moi ;-)

Check it out - it's posted on my blog and I hope you and Claire make it (and the Red Velvet cupcake recipe posted with it) and let me know whatcha think.

Have a delicious day!! :)

Amy said...

I grew up thinking fire flys were called "screaming yellow zonkers" -thanks Dad!

Step Right Up said...

P and I played with my cuz's Wii Fit over Memorial weekend. I should probably get one for those days I can't motivate myself to walk across the street to the gym. Sad? Yes.

kimmy said...

Funny you should talk about the "worm." There was a lot of that going on at the reception this past weekend. The groom almost broke his chin and another guy put his tooth through his lip. Apparently, they are out of practice!

Have fun with your Wii!


Bogart in P Towne said...

RS - Shocker.

Stacie - Cow racing rocks...certainly better than the cow tipping we may or may not have done in Nebraska growing up.

William - Wii Yoga...I dunno, I just want to ski.

April - That is disturbing.

Katelin - She is freaky

DKG - I did not know that PS2 had one.

Becky - I thank you for your support.

Stacey - Best Buy will have more on Sunday just need to be there 30 mins before they open so that you can get a ticket to get one.

Deb - They are cool.

Laura - I will have to try the hand glowing it sticky? I hate being sticky!

CH - As soon as I get one, I will post photographic evidence...if Claire will let me snap some photos.

Em - I will make sure to try it when I get back in town next weekend...

Amy - I like that name better.

Step - Well, how was it? Was it as cool as it looks?

Kimmy - Have you ever seen a 6'5 1/8th ton man doing the worm? That is a sight to see!