Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back Home...For A Day

What a great trip to the Great White North...well, I guess this time of year Minnesota should be called the Great Green North. Holy Carp Batman, that was a very green place.

We spent Friday night at with Kalar (my sister's boyfriend) and his family at their house on on their dock. We even took a sunset cruise on their boat around the lake. It was a great night, kicked off with a wonderful meal and capped with a HUGE FRIGG'N bonfire.

Saturday we toured Mall of America. While there, we checked out the aquarium, mini-lego land and amusement park, all of which were located INSIDE the Mall. It is crazy big and it was a lot of fun. Before I left for the airport, we had a wonderful lunch at Napa Valley Grille. Sure, the waiter spilled a glass of Sparkling Wine AND a glass & 1/2 of white wine all over Kalar's lap...but the food was good, they comped the wine and gave Kalar a $25 gift certificate for his sticky lap. They took good care of us.

After arriving back in VA at 1am Sunday morning, I have about 40-hours before jumping a plane again to South Carolina. I will be there Monday night through Thursday morning...then to Atlanta, Georgia for a 30 hour visit...I think I will be home for a short while after that.



A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post, mentioning that I read Whit over at Honea Express. So then late last week, I won a contest at his site. Coincidence? I think so...

Anyway, I am really excited to get all 11 books that will be sent over. Now I don't have to wonder what to read all summer long.


There is some nasty wildfire down in North Carolina that has been burning since last week. That fire did bring me a smile last week though...As I left for the airport at 5am last Tuesday, I got a smell of burning brush. As silly as it is, that aroma reminded me of home.

How sick is that? A brush fire making me nostalgic for SoCal.


for a different kind of girl said...

You have some very good selections to read there if you're ever home long enough to crack the bindings!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You won books!! How cool! I'm jealous.

Hallie :)

rs27 said...

That mall is the greatest mall in the history of life.

I'm prepared to make that statement.

Becky said...

I know it is wrong, but I really like the smell of fire. ;)

Not house burning down smell, but foresty camp fire smell...and sometimes those forest fires have that smell. (I suppose if you are far enough away from it...too close and it might singe your nose hairs.)

Maybe Hallie has a photo of that.

The Maid :)

Laura B. said...

Well, Bogart's coming down South! Better bring your extra strength anti-perspirant because it's hot as blue blazes down here. Although, they're saying it's cooling off a bit in the next few days with chances of rain. Hope you enjoy's only awesome 'cause I live there. ;-)

Katelin said...

you are seriously traveling all over the place, haha. when do you sleep?

The Charming Hedonist said...

I went to the Mall of America a few years ago. Nothing like a trip strictly for shopping!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your comment about the donor letter really means a lot. Thanks for taking the time to let me know how it touched you.

Hallie :0