Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Work x2

My buddy Derek and I have been talking marriage recently...go figure.

He shared some sweet thoughts recently and I thought I would pass them is what he wrote to me talking about Claire and my role as husband:

So, just make sure she knows that you will be willing to do whatever it takes when and if she can't or doesn't think she can keep on keeping on. We are the rock of the marriage and they, families, are the beautiful work that is created, lifted up and shown to the world to represent the sort of men that we are.

I thought it was pretty cool and hope that I can live up to this call.


Congrats to occasional commenter and long time friend Nashville!?...he and his wife Shannon had a beautiful baby this weekend. Claire and I are so happy for them...and maybe a little jealous.

Dare I say, Beautiful Work KP? I think so.


My summary of the Mardi Gras Party, Rehearsal Dinner Pie Fight, Wedding and Aruba coming up later this week.


Patience said...

That's a true statement! But, sometimes it's the wife who must be the rock. At any time, either partner must be able and willing to "keep on keeping on!"

MaBunny said...

I like that statement and find it true!

WILLIAM said...

And like a rock, over time, you will be worn by the winds from the storms in your relationship until you are smooth and flat and then can be picked up by Claire and skimmed across a lake and after a few bounces, sink and be forgotten barely leaving a ripple....

Sorry ....was that depessing?

Nashville? said...

William: yeah, buzzkill. Bogie: looking forward to showing the little guy off to you and Claire. Thank you for the kind words… and for linking to the Clap comment. Now put the Aruba pictures up already.