Monday, March 9, 2009

Explaining 1-5

So Claire and I finally took off for our honeymoon on Saturday, but I thought I would share a couple of things with you this week nonetheless...

Since my friend Stacey dropped some pictures and thoughts on you on Friday, I thought I could just expand on her top 10 list...

For the wedding, Claire and I rented a beach house for a week and invited our immediate family and some of our closest friends to stay with us. During that week, some fun things were said and Stacey chronicled the her top, here is some color on those:

1. “Mmmm, You smell like bacon” - During the week we ate 20lbs of bacon...yes, TWENTY POUNDS. Really, we ALL smelled like bacon at one point or another. It was most outstanding.

This particular incident was from when Claire's sister Pamela went to wake up her boyfriend Nick...when she walked into the room, Nick rolled over and said, "Mmmm, it smells like bacon." As she nuzzled up next to him, he rested his head on her shoulder and said, "Mmmm, you smell like bacon."

I think it should be bottled as an aphrodisiac.

2. “Claire can play, just don't get whipped cream in her hair” - Yes, the rumors are true, we had a pie fight on Friday night. Claire and I had the idea a couple of months ago while watching this on Sunday Morning:

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So, we decided to do it with our was wonderful. Most people, to our surprise, participated and had a blast. How's that for "Secret Entertainment"?

3. “I know you want to be with all of this, but please remember, I am a married woman” - After the pie fight, Claire's sister Sarah had pie on one side of her hair making it look like a scene right out of Something About of the guys was staring at her hair and she said the quote above...only with attitude bigger than her 5 foot nothing frame.

4. “Do you talk like that on purpose?” - Claire's family is from SE Louisiana...they have an accent like they are from SE Louisiana. It is great, but some of my family might not be as used to different accents as I am, so Kyle (my new brother-in-law) was asked the question well as things like "Why can't you just talk normal?" and "Are you playing a joke on me?" and my personal favorite "You need to stop playing around and talk like me." The other was my sister may have said "I love it. It feels like I am in a TV show based in the South."

5. “Get off the chair, you’ve had too much ham!” - I was not privy to this discussion and judging from the sound of it, I think that is a good thing.

Check back Wednesday for #6-10...


Laura B. said...

That pie fight looked like so much fun, I can imagine why you wanted to do it!!! Also, I wish you had the explanation about how ham played a roll in not being on a chair. :-)

Schell Family said...

Here's the explanation for #5...on the last night of our trip, I was sitting on one of the bar stools and it started to wobble. Kyle (Claire's Brother-in-Law) deadpanned that statement "Get off the chair - you've had too much ham". After an evening of cocktails and the amount of ham consumed over the weekend (2nd only to bacon) - this seemed pretty hysterical at the time!

MaBunny said...

Thanks for the clarification! Sounds like an absolute blast!