Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Explaining 6-10

Here is part 2 from Monday's Blog...

#6-10 of the top things said during Bogart and Claire's wedding week at the beach house...

6. “I am no longer listening to what you are saying” - Stacey was having a conversation with my sister's boyfriend Kalar. I like Kalar. He is a good guy. He is an ex-marine (are you ever an ex-marine or are you just always a marine?), served 3 tours in Iraq and treats my sister very well...but his fascination with the War Hammer game (picture Dungeons and Dragons) was not everyone's cup-o-tea. When he started sharing his excitement about his Sunday night War Hammer parties, eye's glazed over...when some of the ladies walked away, he continued talking...Rumor has it, Stacey looked him in the eye and said the above quote.

7. “…but, I wasn't wearing any underwear” - Hmmm, this one could be so many things. There were a number of underwear issues during the week. I will leave it to Stacey to chime in on this one because embarrassing those at my wedding is not my MO here...It would be cool to do though!

8. “Interesting gift…6 batteries and a snowglobe” - Yes, we opened a gift with 6 batteries and a tiny little snowglobe. There was even a card. No explanation was given and for the better part of 5 minutes we had trouble understanding. Finally, we got a couple presents in and realized there were other parts of the gift...whew, I was worried someone thought we needed batteries for a french tickler or something.

9. “I’m fine, just get my f*@!n shoe!” - After the Pie Fight Friday night, we invited our guests to do a Polar Plunge into the 43 degree Atlantic Ocean. Most of them did, including my pops. He was the last one to reach the water and when he did, a wave took him out immediately. I, being the responsible son, grabbed hold of him thinking he was hurt. He was on all fours, looking like he was shaking out the cobwebs. I wrapped my arms around him, told him another wave was coming and told him to brace for impact. Just before the wave hit he said "I'm not hurt, I'm fine, just get my eff'n shoe." He had one shoe pinned to the ground and the other was floating away. Pops was fine, he just wanted his shoes...who could blame him?

I think it was my #1 line of the week...We might try to work it into our daily lexicon. Just get my eff'n shoe!!!

10. “Welcome to San Diego!!” - I assume this is Stacey's #1, since it took her and Steve a while to get home, including multiple canceled flights, but I will also say it is what she is wanting to say to me and Claire at some point in the future.


As I write this, I am lying on my living room floor. As you read this, I am probably lying on the beach in Aruba. I love this whole posting in the future thing.


More thoughts about the wedding, the pie fight, the Mardi Gras party (yes, we did fear factor) and the rest of the Wedding week upon my return.


MaBunny said...

Again, sounds like a total blast! Enjoy Aruba! I will be so jealous of you and Claire as I sit here in Texas where yesterday it was a warm, if muggy 81 - and plunged to low 40s overnight with houwling winds and tons of rain!
yes I'd love to be in Aruba right now!

WILLIAM said...

Sounds awesome.

kimmy said...

Sounds like you all had fun. Enjoy!


Sue said...

Hope you are having an excellent trip!!

Stacie said...

my wedding was in the middle of july, outside. It was hot and humid and you wouldn't believe the number of undies that were laying around the next day.

some might have said it was a woman's way to air conditioning her parts, but I am not some of those.

JP said...

Kalar. Wasn't that Worf's wife's name from Star Trek season 7?