Tuesday, September 9, 2008

USS Helena

On Sunday, Claire and I got the opportunity to tour a nuclear submarine.

Our very good friend Derek serves on the USS Helena (seen at left) and he took us aboard the boat for a tour. It was soooo very cool. I had never been on a sub before and I am so impressed.
Not only is it a very impressive piece of technology, the fact that full grown men can operate in a space like that for as long as they do...wow.
Sure, I am a bit bigger than the average bloke (no, subs were not maid to accommodate guys who are 6'5), but even for men of smaller stature...let's call them petite...it is a claustrophobic nightmare.
Climbing into and out of the bunks, that may or may not be shared with someone else when you are not in there, is a feat worthy of any gymnast or circus performer. The bathrooms are the size of a small closet and the "work-out" area is as wide as my shoulders.
These guys lay it on the line every time they go out and I would be remiss to not mention how unbelievable it is that these guys do what they do to protect everyone of us.
Thanks Derek...and thanks to the guys that serve. You rock and stuff.


Mabunny said...

Oh wow, that is awesome. I've never been in a situation to actually test if I'm claustrophobic or not, and I can't imagine how packed in there those guys are! Thanks for sharing!

for a different kind of girl said...

What a great opportunity to see, and definitely, what a commitment of those who go out there. I'd be instantly claustrophobic. Just reading your description made me a bit queasy!

Kimmy said...

I've never been inside a submarine, but I'm sure I would feel claustrophobic too. I hate sleeping on the TOP of a bunk bed!

Glad you and Claire enjoyed yourselves!


April said...

I had to concentrate to breathe just reading that. Yikes! Even still, I am so thankful for the men and women who make those sacrifices for all of us. What an experience!

Sue said...

That sounds really cool! Not many people get the chance to do that. Thanks for sharing it with us.

WILLIAM said...

That would be so cool.

Katelin said...

oh that is so cool. i love touring stuff like that.

jocelyn said...

well said brother michael