Friday, March 6, 2009

A Friend's Thoughts on Bogart's Big Day!

Hello all you Bogart fans! I’m thrilled to be filling in for Bogart today, even if he hasn’t actually made it on his honeymoon yet! I have been friends with Bogart for 16 years (since junior year of high school) and he is a dear friend. My oldest is his Goddaughter. Check out our family blog at Bogart and Claire’s wedding week was awesome! I was able to spend Thursday through (thanks to the storm) Monday with them. We had such an amazing time! There’s not enough space or time to describe the whole weekend and since we all know how much Bogart likes Top 10 lists, I thought I would share my Top 10 things I heard during my time in Virginia Beach (in no particular order). I figure Bogart can explain what he feels is necessary when he returns from Aruba!

1. “Mmmm, You smell like bacon”

2. “Claire can play, just don't get whipped cream in her hair”

3. “I know you want to be with all of this, but please remember, I am a married woman”

4. “Do you talk like that on purpose?”

5. “Get off the chair, you’ve had too much ham!”

6. “I am no longer listening to what you are saying”

7. “…but, I wasn't wearing any underwear”

8. “Interesting gift…6 batteries and a snowglobe”

9. “I’m fine, just get my f*@!n shoe!”

10. “Welcome to San Diego!!”

Bogart and Claire’s wedding was really beautiful – congratulations to a fun, perfectly-matched, amazing couple! I am so happy for both of you and wish you a lifetime of happiness, joy, and adventure together (preferably all of those things in San Diego). Thought I’d share a few pictures from the wedding for all of you that have been waiting so patiently!

There are a lot more pictures and detail over at my blog. You can also see my photography site.


sari said...

Everyone looks so happy, terrific photos.

The ham one sounds like something you'd hear when my family gets together, it made me laugh.

MaBunny said...

Oh, they do make a beautiful couple! Bogart looked very handsome and Claire was a very beautiful bride!
Interested in having a few of those overheard sayings clarified, lol!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Holy shnikeys are they a good looking couple!!

Hallie ;)

AirmanMom said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! I'll be by to visit your blog!

for a different kind of girl said...

Oh, my gosh! It looks like it was a beautiful, joy-filled day! Those smiling faces are amazing!

Also, I think Number 3 on that Top 10 list may become my new mantra!

Sue said...

Great post and awesome pictures! I'm heading over to your blog to see more right now!

WILLIAM said...


Leigh Ann said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet. Claire is ADORABLE!!!! and you are a stallion...

*laughing at myself*

JP said...

Ham and bacon....yum....

The two of them look just perfect!

Katelin said...

what gorgeous photos. congrats again! woo.

Debra W said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.