Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Hidden Pools...One Fun, One "Different"

On our trip, Claire and I had two very different experiences with two, very special, hidden pools.

Aruba is a very small island, about 20 miles long and 6 miles wide....but the different terrain that is present is amazing. You have white sand beaches with turquoise water and no waves; Desert sand with cactus and lizards; Rocky beaches with pounding waves and steep cliffs.

To find these different terrains, you did have to do a bit of exploring...something Claire and I are good at.

One of the first explorations we took was on the back of a 4-Wheel ATV. We were picked up at our hotel and driven to the back side of the island. From there, we rode out to the Gold Mine Ruins, the Natural Bridge (which collapsed 4 years ago) and, my favorite site on the trip, the "Hidden Pool".

The Hidden Pool is a protected cove of calm water. The waves crash around it and sometimes even splash into it, but it is one of the few places on the south side of the island that is calm. It does take a 4x4 to reach, but it was worth every bump, slide and rock to the face!


On the Eastern most tip of the island lies the California Lighthouse. It was a nice view and a cool place to see, but the real jewel is another protected cove. This one is a little more open to the water, so there are very small waves, but it is safe and had great rocks to climb on.

When Claire and I first found it, we talked about how beautiful it was. How desolate it was. How private it was. How great it would be to come back again. We called it Bogart and Claire's Hidden Pool.

Unfortunately for us, when we did return to "Bogart and Claire's Hidden Pool", it was not so desolate or least not for us.

Turns out, this "hidden pool" was less hidden and more swing'n...when Claire and I walked up, the beach housed 5 or 6 naked, middle-aged men. No, they were clearly not there for the sun.

They scattered as soon as Claire and I showed up. They watched our every move. Looked at her with disdain and me with disappointment. We were strong though. We stayed an hour or so...then we left.

Left them and their sexy man beach to themselves.


for a different kind of girl said...

Hey, is it *really* a vacation until you come across someone else who's naked?

Yeah. Probably. I mean, I haven't had any such vacations.

Looks like the view was beautiful when you didn't have that other view!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Naked old guys!!

It's a party!!


rs27 said...

You ruined their fun time.

Maybe its better that way.

Jo's Outlet said...

The beaches look beautiful!!
You interrupted the orgy, sounds like. And no pictures of that? Oh well. It would have been uncomfortable to just turn around and leave, like when you walk into the wrong classroom or something and everyone stares, and you just sit down in the first seat like, "Uh, ya, I meant to walk in here..."

Leigh Ann said...

As the dean of Princeton, he sure bought a dooshy car.

kalki said...

Heh, that is awesome.

Sue said...

Ewww! I'm just sayin...

Leigh Ann said...

ew, don't go in the water.

sari said...

Ok that's too funny about the sexy man beach. I think it's hysterical you stayed FOR AN HOUR!

Good for you guys! :-)