Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music and Driving

Music plays a big part in my life...many of you read about my Top 50 songs and some of the other music that has influenced me or been important.

This weekend, I realized that the music I listen to really effects how I drive. Let me share with you my ride to Volleyball on Sunday.

I started off listening to a nice little song like this:

My driving is slow and measured. I might stick my hand out the window, feeling the wind flow over and under my fingers. Speed = 54mph

Then I get through the tunnel and cross the bridge. The radio station I was listening to goes to commercial, so I change to button 3. The song that comes on is this one:

My driving picks up a bit. I am bobbing my head and drumming on the steering wheel. I set the cruise control and tap my feet. The people driving next to me are laughing as they drive. Life is good. Speed = 61mph

The song ends and I have to change stations again. It isn't until preset #6 that I find a song that I like. It is this one:

4:30 seconds into this song, I turn off the cruise, put the pedal to the metal and rock out. I am banging my head, yelling at the other drivers to get out of my way, and putting cracks into the dash board. I hear my self growl. I am fired up. Speed = 97mph and climbing.

Just before I arrive at my destination, smoke pouring from my ears, a sneer on my face, I hit preset #4 and the song that comes on is this:

Speed = 0mph...I had to pull over to allow myself to feel the emotion of this song.

I walked into Volleyball with tears in my eyes. I needed a hug. I called Claire and told her I loved her. I bonded with my team.

The music took me there.

And I went through it all again on the way home.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Song #4 is such an 80's flashback!! I love that I sat here playing all 4 songs just like you hoped we would!!

Hallie :)

for a different kind of girl said...

You've pretty much described every experience I have behind the wheel of the mini. Except minus the super speeds. I'm very careful while banging my head!

April said...

Oh Bogart, you make me laugh! That was hilarious.

rs27 said...

"Blame it on the rain" gets me through all those emotions.

kimmy said...

I think I have rocked out to song #3 on Guitar Hero!

Loved all the songs!


kimmy said...

I just thought of the song. It is "One" by Metallica and, if I remember correctly, it is tough to play on Guitar Hero!


Katelin said...

i seriously have music add when i drive, hell i have it all the time. i am always changing the station or cd, i can't help it.

Practically Joe said...

People are always looking over to me when I'm driving ... I'm always conversing and yelling and arguing ... and I'm usually alone. What they don’t know is that I’m probably listening to some idiot on talk radio.