Monday, July 14, 2008

The Baconater and a Slip-n-slide

Claire and I met Mr. Peanut this weekend. You know Mr. Peanut as the mascot for that one peanut company. Mr. Peanut was very nice. He told Claire and me all about Suffolk, VA, was really happy to pose for pictures with us, and even shared some coconut peanut brittle with us. I was surprised that he treated us so well even after the face Claire made at him when she tasted a raw peanut for the very first time.

After our tour of Suffolk, we had a little BBQ at a friends house to celebrate the end of softball. The Bridge/Monumental team was not very good, but we took losing well and always had a good time together.

Our manager Bob invited everyone over to his home to have a grill out, a bonfire and a know, for the kids. HA.

By the time the 8 kids were getting tired of it, 4 of the players decided it was time to take it over. I won't share all the pics (this is a family friendly blog and nobody needs to see that), but as you can see, this homemade slip-n-slide was well used by the end of the day!


I was given a nice little blog award this weekend from Practically Joe over at Practically Wisdom. Joe has been a contributor to my comments for a while now and has a very enjoyable and unique blog. Pop on over and say hey....thanks for the award Joe!!


Bacon and eggs on Saturday morning.

Bacon sandwich for lunch.

Bacon sandwich for breakfast Sunday morning.

Bacon sandwich for breakfast Monday morning.

Now I am out of bacon and I am sad.


My other culinary treats this weekend included a chocolate covered macaroon, a chocolate dream bar, 3 chocolate chip cookies, 5 chocolate mint brownies, 1 piece of marble pound cake, 1 1/2 hamburgers, 2 hot dogs, 1/4lb of coconut peanut brittle, 1/4lb of chocolate covered peanut brittle, 1 tomato sandwich, uncountable amounts of chocolate chip cookie dough, and finally some Sushi on Sunday night to be healthy.


I might have to wear scrubs and other clothes with elastic waist bands for a while.


Finally, one of my favorite little clips...and it happens to have some bacon in it. "I just like that story."


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

It's becoming physically painful for me to read about your food orgies.


for a different kind of girl said...

All this talk of chocolate very nearly gave me the shakes. Like I experienced a contact high reading about it. Oddly enough, this wasn't the case reading about all that bacon, for bacon is a never-ending strip of greatness!

WILLIAM said...

I do not think I could consume Coke flavored with Bacon...however I could consume Bacon flavored with coke.

Lauren said...

Home made slip n slides are the best! I used to make one every summer. Ahh, memories.

Also, regarding your bacon, you should check out baconsalt. It's a REAL THING. It's bacon flavored salt to put on your foods. Yes.

Katelin said...

that's a little too much bacon for me, haha.

Debra W said...

Bacon and chocolate...Does Claire share your strange tastes in food? Now go to the store and get yourself some more bacon!


April said...

Since we are doing food confessions I will tell you I just ate spaghetti. With 5 pieces of garlic bread. Lean in close to your monitor. Do you smell that? It's my garlic breath. I have brushed my teeth three times and gargled with Listerine. It won't go away. I don't think I'll be getting any snuggly kisses at bed time tonight. But it was so worth it. Dee-lish!

Becky said...

Love how you suggested that if we popped out enough kids that we would eventually get a good mix.


You have eaten way to much sugar and apparently are drinking a bit too much bacon.

Thanks for the wellwishes though!

The Maid

Stacie said...

Here I thought all the bacon talk was JUST for hallie...hmmm.

Love the peanut and yay for your award!

Practically Joe said...

I'll bet all those chocolate chip cookies you ate had no nuts. And ... we're talkin real bacon here, right? Not that Canadian stuff.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I can't believe this story didn't end with a tale of broken limbs. Can it be? You had a homemade slip n' slide and no one went to the ER?