Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Anyone going to see Dark Knight this weekend? I am going to see it on Saturday even though I usually HATE going on opening weekend to movies.


I was reading this post over at Charming Hedonist's sight this morning and it got me thinking about how some relationships can get so sour so quickly.

Dealing with people is such a funny process and clearly some are better at it than others. It does, however, never cease to amaze me at how perfectly rational and mature people who have a long standing and warm relationship can turn so emotional and immature so quickly. Now, I understand that often times it is simply a build up of emotions over time and the "moment" it changes it is more a "straw that broke the camels back" rather than a quick roundabout, but...


File this under "How did I end up doing this?"...sort of like the marathon training last year, the Goofy Challenge training this year, and the whole moving from San Diego to the hot, muggy and buggy East Coast, I am getting up at 5am on Saturday to go run at the beach...sure it is for a good cause and I really do embrace my being a "morning person", but 5AM on a Saturday is a bit much.


In HER defense, I did willingly agree to all of these things and in almost all cases encouraged it, but I don't know that I will be that happy on Saturday morning when the alarm goes off at Zero-Dark-Thirty.


Four years ago this weekend, my buddy started a church in his home...he was the "Head Cheerleader" (aka Lead Pastor) and I was the Associate. A lot has changed over the past 4 years...holy molly is that true....but a few things have remained constant. My buddy Deron is a good pastor (and getting better daily), a great friend and a phenomenal man. That little church plant we started is growing and impacting lives in East County San Diego. I think the Sunday morning service is running around 150 people, most of whom were either completely unchurched or had walked away from their faith before "finding" The Gathering.

So, if you are in San Diego, pop on over one Sunday and tell them I sent you...You won't be sad that you did...

Congrats Gathering Family...I miss you more than you know.


for a different kind of girl said...

What a fantastic impact your friend's church (and the entire church body) is having on that area of California! That's fantastic!

There were, I think, 10 midnight showings of The Dark Knight at the theater in the mall I work at. They were all sold out. I am not that diehard, but I do hope to see it this weekend (if I can convince my bday boy husband to fight the crowds), because I want to see it before everyone I work with talks about it and I know everything!

WILLIAM said...

"how perfectly rational and mature people who have a long standing and warm relationship can turn so emotional and immature so quickly"

Who the hell are you calling emotional? HuH? Is that some kind of a crack? If you would only learn to stop leaving your socks on the floor covered in bacon grease I would not have to get (Finger quotes) Emotional...I can't do it all you know. Oh and Immature...I am not the one that is off galavanting with his buddies golfing and going to baseball games....with...I you... bastard.

Practically Joe said...

Well ... it seems you pushed William over the edge this morning with your usual enciteful posts (lol).

So I read your post ... clicked a few links ... and after reading your valentine post ... I really got to thinkin' ... That was a beautiful valentine gift ... a tribute to why you love your wife so much.

But ... Now I'm feelin' a bit guilty thinking that I may be pickin' on my wife too much when I post.

I hope I snap out of this or Practically Wisdom could get Practically Boring.

kimmy said...

How was the movie? I've heard great things about it.

BTW - I am NEVER up at 5AM unless a child is puking or my house is on fire. Otherwise, ZZZZZZZZ!